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With an emphasis on influencing public policy.

The hilarious part is that they especially want women in the program.

If Harvard can ignore immigration laws, why shouldn’t other colleges ignore, say, Title IX?

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Students are “triggered” by knowing they’re in the same class as pro-life students and by the American flag.


Almost like the rules they advocated for are supposed to apply to them or something.

Good. Affirmative action is straight out racism, and it’s about time they got called on it. If it has to start with a minority filing the lawsuit, fair enough.

And maybe this publicity will have ramifications in demographics’ voting habits.

As incoming Kennedy school students have to attend “Checking Your Privilege 101”.

Remember, what’s important isn’t that we exist in the least racist society in the world, but to remember that everything’s racist, which is why we need to get rid of the foundations our society is built on, and implement socialism..

Quick, Someone Tell Harvard!

Men and women are actually different!


Take away all federal grants.

Mining graduates earn more than Harvard Alumni. Good for them. And if you want to earn some real money, go into plumbing, right?

Probably a good 50% of the gripes coming from the #Occupy crowd are because they got relatively useless degrees instead of thinking clearly about what was going to pay their way through life.

Less than stellar even before she got to Harvard. But politically correct, and that’s all they cared about. And what racial boxes she was willing to check.

More Fauxcohontas Lies

Apparently, before Elizabeth Warren decided that lying to gain affirmative action was the best way to get into UPenn and Harvard (confirmed and fraudulent), she used to fill out forms claiming her grandmother was white. We similarly know that the elopement claims were bunk, as were the stories of driving wagons out west in the land rush.

Now, many Democrats here in MA are saying that Warren’s stories of family heritage don’t matter (even though they were used to gain an advantage in her career). Fine. But what about her plagiarism and scientific misconduct? I’m not talking about crab recipes, but repeated instances of scientific misconduct accusations.

In related humorous news, she’s ditching her BMW for a Ford Hybrid to try and pretend she belongs to the middle class, she can’t remember the last woman to run for a senate position in Massachusetts, and we now know that Obama is similarly native American.

Harvard professor on Bloomberg soda ban: Humans have evolved to need coercion.

No. Liberal elites invent reasons to think they need to tell us what to do.

The document supporting her 1/32 Cherokee claims doesn’t actually exist, and the Boston Globe has had to admit that they were lying – intentionally. In point of fact, Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors were the soldiers who rounded up native Americans for the Trail of Tears. And while Warren hasn’t been forthcoming with any of the information, we now know that she made this claim through multiple schools including Harvard (In fact, she may have been hired because of Obama’s racist professor Derrick Bell), and definitely received affirmative action benefits for the fraud she perpetrated. Warren’s reaction to all of this? To double down on her claims.

It’s not too late for Massachusetts Democrats to go with a real candidate. The fact that they’re sticking with Warren shows that not only is the political class all hacks with complete and utter disdain for the electorate, but that the brainwashed electorate supports them even while they commit such slime, all for the sake of defeating the other side. This is probably the thing that disgusts me most about Massachusetts.

So let’s see, we already know that she earns more and owns more than Scott Brown, declines to pay higher taxes, takes more money from Wall Street than he does, and she got her start helping deny asbestos claims.

And now we’re learning that she’s got interest free loans from Harvard?

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, and with winter coming on and the media starting to look away from the #Occupy movement as the list of crimes and mounds of poo get exposed, it seems like I should do so before too much longer. So, who is the #Occupy movement made up of? Continue reading

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been suspended while it’s appealing. So will Harvard allow ROTC and recruiters on campus, or (as I suspect from my personal experience living in Cambridge) do they just hate the military and will now have to come up with some other excuse?

Not going to happen. When has he ever done that?

Nope, only thing left to do is dig himself deeper.