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I can summarize my dislike for it pretty simply:

  1. Hashtag movements seem to always be entirely based on identity politics, and encouraging peer pressure to join whatever the particular victim group of the day is. And identity politics are always based on overly broad claims that some other race, gender, or class is oppressive and hateful.
  2. Modern feminists, with their language about “being an ally” and such exemplify the use of identity politics to drive support for arbitrary and tentatively related policy agendas. Anyone who even questions whether there might be a better approach for achieving the supposed core concern is faced with demonization and harassment, which is justified as punishing a hater of some sort.

Obama’s favorite gay “Anti-Bullying” Czar, Dan Savage, is again bashing conservatives – calling GOProud members “house faggots”, and “gay meth addicts”.


Lefty Verbally Assaults Bristol Palin

And then the media gives him even more airtime with an interview.

The hatred that liberals celebrate and embrace towards conservatives is just as vile and evil as antisemitism, or any of the other types of racism that society has realized are awful.

A list compiled by Nick Gillespie. Now we know why the left hates them so much.

Politics to the left, and a small amount of the right, is a religion. That’s why the left hates the right. Any doubt I had about that premise has long since worn away by watching the media, the current Democrat elected leaders, and my own experiences living in Massachusetts.

Let’s see, while tea party protesters have been protesting for the past year or two and politicians and the media are all worried about how supposedly dangerous they are – and inferring they’re terrorists and all that, we’ve got the left protesting in significant numbers for probably the first time since Bush left office. And immediately, once again, we see brass-knuckled violence against counter-protesters, torches, smashed windows, and arson, Leftists representatives arrested, and signs calling for death to the imperial fascists.

Once again, all it takes is a glance at the behavior of the two sides to see what’s true and what’s just slander.

Andrew Breitbart is offering $10000 to anyone with a shred of evidence that any of the accusations of the CBC about tea party racism are true. The fact that there were several video cameras and no one has come forward to claim the prize or present any video shows just how much of a lie the entire thing is. And the entire spitting thing was also massively overblown, and basically untrue.

Politico and Democratic representative Carnahan reported that a funeral-service-for-victims-of-Obamacare protest was really a death threat to Democratic politicians, and then Politico quietly retracted its story, but don’t expect any admission or apology forthcoming.

Democratic politicians are suddenly concerned with pitchfork mobs, which you’ll recall Obama has called for his followers to be when faced with opposition.

Now we could take a trip down memory lane to see how much the media and Democrats adore liberal protesters and how much violence those protesters advocate and perpetrate, but we don’t even need to: Just today GOP Whip Eric Cantor had bullets fired into his office.

Update: Now the media is claiming that someone threw a rock into Dem. Representative Driehaus’ officeon the thirtieth floor.

Bogus Hatred And Racism

As usual, the media reported tea-party protesters as hate-filled racists – even though they clearly weren’t. Is was completely made up.

8 years of Bush.

A racist 9/11-truther shoots up the holocaust museum, and the left is already trying to claim he was a Christian fascist right-winger. After all, he had a gun, and no one on the left ever uses those, right? Apparently we’re supposed to just ignore the fact that he hated Christians, thought socialism was the future of society, and that his ramblings sounded amazingly similar to the ramblings of the man who mentored our current president