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Yeah, that sounds like it violates a few rights.


The State Of Emergency In Hawaii

They’ve got more homeless than any other state. And they pay them more, too.


But somehow it’s supposed to work for the rest of us?

Democrat Racism

The Obama administration is proposing race based laws for Hawaii.

Just like all the Jim Crow laws Democrats had going on in the South.

Cost more to the system than a new BMW.

Somehow I don’t think this is lowering health care costs.

Hawaii Cops And Prostitution

They’re arguing that they have to be able to have sex with the prostitutes in order to enforce the laws.

Yes, the foods are safe to eat. And could go a long way towards solving food problems in the world. If the anti-science (primarily) left crowd would allow it.

In large part because we cripple their economy.

Partying in Vegas while laughing that it’s all at the expense of the rest of us, making videos because “POTUS wants a press release”, and spending weeks in Hawaii to attend a one-hour ribbon cutting. Oh, but they did take some extra time to attend meetings with Solyndra.

Obama Claims Hawaii Is In Asia

Really. Maybe ‘Asia’ is the other 7 states in our 57.

While the media continues to obsess over conservative gaffes, and how dumb conservatives all are.

Eco-Terrorism In Hawaii?

Thousands of papaya trees were chopped down, and farmers suspect it’s because they were genetically modified to be disease resistant.

Which side of the political spectrum do you think was responsible for this property destruction?

There are Federalist issues as well.

And yes, it is racist – it treats people of one genetic descent different then people of another.

More Blue State Bigots?

Hawaii kills Same Sex marriages. Those southern Red-Staters are such homophobes, right?

Or at least, the Democrats attempt to institutionalize it as official government policy.

While I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon (gorgeous place, as I’m sure you all have heard) the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood occurred. There were some celebrations, and quite a bit of news and history about the state, and how it got to be so. Continue reading

And it was a fantastic honeymoon. I’ll be putting up quite a few photos of Hawaii to my flickr page soon, and resume more regular blogging as I get back into the groove of things.