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This is the end result of a single payer system.


Hah. Good for her.

Neat. Honestly, it’s stuff like this and company stocks and such that blockchain makes more sense to me for than currency.

Comment of the day:

If only someone besides racists and haters could have seen this coming.

Gee, what a surprise! You mean to tell me that a law that hired no additional doctors but instead 12000 IRS agents, encouraged primarily freeloaders to join the system, spent more than a billion on an insecure website developed at the last second, and billions more on silly marketing videos, massively subsidized a whole bunch of healthcare exchanges (which promptly funneled the money to Obama cronies, interestsand senators) that are still too expensive to stay open, has increased our healthcare costs?

Democrats architected it to be more expensive, based on math that shows that things get more expensive when everyone is covered, and knew it would be when they passed it, but somehow took it on vague socialist tyrannical faith that it would make everything better and are now sticking their fingers in their ears every time news comes along that it indeed is more expensive and costs Americans jobs.

The better way was always to open up the market more, rather than socialize it.

Because it’s done exactly the opposite.

Once again the gun-control lobby is trying to use this latest massacre as a pretext for further trampling on American’s 2nd Amendment rights – although this time the arguments for doing so are even thinner and more ridiculous than usual. Meanwhile, the shooter had a long history of mental issues and therapy – therapy which kept him entirely focused on himself and his own self-esteem.

There are bills to help fix America’s broken mental healthcare system – bills which existed before the recent shooting and enjoy bi-partisan support – but the Democrat leadership is doing their best to stop them. If gun control isn’t passed, Democrats won’t let anything pass.

When the system registers you as the wrong gender.

But hey, at least now there’s a whole bunch of bureaucracy in between you and anything actually medical.

Medicare has a 375000 case backlog.

Obamacare’s Target Fallout

They’re dropping coverage for part time employees, and foisting them onto the Obamacare exchanges.

Apparently, just because you’ve purchased it doesn’t mean you have it.

We’ve fixed healthcare!

Queueing begins for the Healthcare website.

It looks like we’ve now done it. Fantastic.

By bureaucratic side effect.

On the plus side, Obamacare might screw up the insurance industry so much that everyone has to pay for everything in cash anyway, and we’ll end up with a market despite it all.

Big Surprise

Obamacare will raise premiums 32%.

What Obamacare Looks Like:

The original bill looks like a phone book. The regulations it created stack up – what is that, 8 feet?

All this bureaucracy makes us healthier, right?

A thousand people starved to death because the nurses didn’t feed them.

Doesn’t inserting massive government bureaucracy into everything lower costs?

The private clinics. Who would have thought?

Sounds lovely. Oh, and back here: healthcare savings by cutting out tests.