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Nothing suspicious there, not at all.


Just more of the corruption that is the Clinton Democratic political machine.

By asking her permission which ones they could look at.

And still no independent investigation.

They never received most of the devices she used, and the ones they did receive had their SIM and SD cards removed.

And yet they let her go.

Not to mention the Anthony Weiner charges.

As inadvertently reported by the New York Times.

The Armenian Genocide.

The corrupt dynasty will never end. Unless it’s prosecuted.

Actually, I think republicans should probably drop the email thing – even though it’s blatantly illegal – and only prosecute Clinton for pay-for-play if the FBI can make a good hard case for it.

D.C. firm complaining that all the Clinton-connections they had hired were now useless.

There’s some evidence she did…but…why?

The left has no one to blame but themselves.

They seem to be doubling down on claiming it’s all bigotry, though. Which means their hopes for winning another election are increasingly smaller.

They leave a big giant mess of trash.

We’ve seen this before. And this is how conservatives rally.

About Comey’s Latest Statement

So he said that the results of the most recent find on Abedin and Weiner’s laptop was no change in his recommendation of non-prosecution.

Who can say?

Blatant mishandling.

There’s quite a few.

Another felony.

Insecure. Oh, and also they seemed to indicate that an indictment was coming…which I’ll believe when I see.

They knew all along.