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I basically think the President should appoint a special prosecutor whenever there’s any hint of impropriety, even for something as made up as the Russia charges. So good, and it’s one more special prosecutor than Obama ever appointed – as Trump has rightly pointed out.

But there should be a second special prosecutor appointed, because there was one other scandal that became hopelessly political in Comey’s wake: the Hillary emails.


An easy little experiment was tried at the conventions.

Are they a matter of national security or not?

Latest poll pretty much confirms every Republican would beat Hillary except Trump.

It’s a distraction from the left to attack Republican candidates with rumors that the left themselves started.

And of course Obama isn’t a Christian. Just look at the genocide of Christians in the middle east that’s been occurring under his watch.

Yes, he has emailed Clinton in the last four years.

Newspapers, of course. Because apparently they never emailed each other. And our president never knows about any of the scandals Democrats are up to.

Maybe. But I still would have rather had McCain and Palin, and I still don’t want her for 2016.

As they base their constitution explicitly on Shari’ah.

So Obama sent us in to Libya without congressional approval and few allies – fewer than Bush had in Iraq – to protect European oil interests, let his State Department under Hillary neglect security, and now we’ve got a dead ambassador and are less secure as the Islamofascists take over. Smart diplomacy!

Vote fraud. And the people disenfranchised the most were the Democrats.

No aid without abortions!

Isn’t it amazing how many of the big Democrat donors are involved in massive criminal transactions? And yet somehow this always happens to innocent politicians who knew nothing about it