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I don’t expect that to change anything, though.


When it’s directed at conservatives.

Hollywood also thinks presidential assassination is cool again.

Focus on repealing the Hollywood tax cuts, and other welfare for billionaires.

About which they’re willing to bravely speak but do nothing about.

And handicapped people are rightly upset.

Me Before You, Million Dollar Baby…the values the left idealizes haven’t changed much since Hitler was killing handicapped people, or so many states were sterilizing them.

Democrats’ Plan To Counter ISIS

Meet with Hollywood to sell a different narrative of America.

So more of the “root causes” nonsense.¬†The terrorists constantly tell us what they’re looking for: conquering everything in the name of Islam. But the left can’t accept that explanation, because it doesn’t fit with their utopian vision of humanity all just wanting to get along under one giant socialist umbrella.

Typical. Just like how many of them think that the wealthy (but not them) should pay more in taxes.

Just think about the $1.5 Billion that film studios got from New York alone next time you hear some celebrity say we need to raise taxes on the rich.

Republicans should jump right on this. And they should repeal the massive tax cuts Hollywood gets. Big film has all of the qualities that liberals profess to hate about corporations.

Forget the Interview, think about the Chinese market.

And they also almost never show the tyranny that was the USSR, but that’s because of where their sympathies are.


And it’s time conservatives took it back.

Hypocrites who complain that the rest of us are using too much energy.

Someone leaked the latest rev of the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty that crony bureaucrats around the world keep on trying to develop in secret, and once again it’s filled with requirements for big brother surveillance over the internet, at the express request of Hollywood and the music racketeers.

As Instapundit points out, if Republicans actually made a stink about this, they could go a long way towards helping millennials realize that Democrats are not the party of social freedom that they’re oftentimes considered to be.

Sounds good to me.

As the big studios get a massive tax break from California while laying off a round of workers.

If so many Hollywood celebrities want higher taxes for the rich, why don’t they start at home?

Showing Hollywood Actors willing to help an anti-fracking video backed by middle-east oil intent on keeping America from achieving energy independence.

Here’s a few other recent sharia atrocities for them to care about.

That it continues to protect.

Anything’s allowed¬†as long as you help in the culture war on conservatives.

While they advocate higher taxes on the rest of industry and society.

If you’re looking for industries filled with fat cats getting rich off of tax subsidies and credits that the little guys pay for, the film industry is near the top of the list.