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This one in India.


A 7-year old girl who’s mother left Islam.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to the video of Ben Affleck upset about Bill Maher’s criticism of Islam, and characterization of things like the overwhelming support of Egyptians for punishing apostates as a general problem with the religion (or it’s culture) rather than isolated to a few individuals.

I understand that Mr. Affleck and other multiculturalists don’t want to judge an entire people group based on the actions of a few (ironically, something they seem to do frequently to Christians) – which is an admirable goal. The point which Bill Maher was trying to convey, however, is that at a certain point, when the data is overwhelming, it’s worth realizing that there’s a systemic issue in a culture which should be addressed – and doing so is not bigoted. We’ve certainly had(have) them in our own culture, and many of them have been addressed, and we shouldn’t ignore our principles in other parts of the world just because it’s not our own culture.

I think nothing better highlights this point, then the following pair of questions to Mr. Affleck, or anyone who feels they may agree with him:

  1. Mr. Affleck, do you feel that violence towards women is fine if it’s committed by Muslims?
  2. Are you aware of the strong correlation between Islamic societies and honor killings?

Note that, to your point, I’m not condemning all Muslims as being violently misogynist – but what I am pointing out is a cultural correlation between an abhorrent practice and the religion of Islam. Just like, for example, Chinese footbinding, it’s an abhorrent practice that is something we should seek to stamp out – we’re not bigoted for trying to do so, and it is in fact misogynistic to not do so.

Dancing in the rain.

Trying to defend Muslim girls from honor killings in Canada? Racist.

Islamic Barbarism:

Couple beheaded in public in Pakistan in an honor killing.

Life imprisonment for the father and son responsible.

Good. Barbarians. The tribal, traditionalist Islamic attitudes towards women are something we definitely have to stand up against as they immigrate to western society.

Another Honor Killing Occurs In Texas

But of course the media doesn’t bill it as such.

Sick. This is the primitive behavior that unfortunately pervades much of Islamic culture that we have to make sure gets driven out.

Her family tried to kill her for dating a Hindu.

Excellent. This is exactly the type of thing the so-called feminists in the western world should have near their top priority.

Her father threatened to kill her from switching to Christianity from Islam. Taking such a threat as seriously as any Muslim female should, she ran away, and her minister helped her. Now she and the minister are being charged while the family tries to get her back. Guess who the media is supporting?

As the Islamofascism spreads, and Britain merely responds with dhimmitude.