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As long as those customers are Republicans, and not gay people.

He has built a wall and is vetting who gets to come in.

It was filled with hypocrisy and the elitism that is exactly why people chose to vote for Trump.

As he invites how many celebrities to his going away party…

And how many times did he use Air Force One to go on golf trips?

Now we see just how differently the reaction is to a naked Hillary statue than a naked Trump statue.

Compare and contrast.

Remember how much the media cared when Obama banned 3 newspapers from his campaign plane?

Isn’t it?

She’ll lecture us all on it while wearing a $12,000 jacket.

Not a surprise, this is actually a pretty common pattern, which is why Unions openly admit they’re fine with jobs being lost – lost jobs are a feature, not a bug.

“Killing Republicans” musical to premiere.

Funny how little the media seemed to care about that.

DiCaprio Thinks Greed Is Bad

So…what percent of his fortune is he giving to charity?

We sure showed those terrorists, didn’t we? In the wake of an horrific terrorist attack that highlights the growing power of radical Islam, we held a big summit on climate change. And, focused on climate change, the western leaders who attended the summit emitted an estimated 300,000 tons of CO2, traveling via private jets while berating the rest of us.

Now they’re claiming success because they reached an agreement that doesn’t help the environment, is un-enforceable, but hey, it’s massively expensive and transfers more money to the people that the left wants to transfer money to, so the fish can stop swimming through Miami and India can stop flooding Florida, and Obama can go back to flying around the world and having gigantic motorcades. Because climate change is such a crisis.

So I guess she’ll stop using that private jet to fly everywhere, right?

Is there any other kind socialist?

His campaign constantly uses Uber, yet he considers the company a serious problem because they’ve broken free of so many taxi regulations.

Never seem to mention that they’re owned by Jeff Bezos, who made $16.5 Billion last year.

An EPA administrator in California flew home every weekend, amassing a bill for the taxpayers of $69,000, and accumulating who knows how large a carbon footprint.

They only believe in portraying it, not in living by it with the actual crew of the show.

Just remember that he sent his campaign advisor to help Netanyahu’s opposition.