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In other words, it’s do as I say, not as I do.

Hmm, maybe we should all fly to another climate conference somewhere tropical to talk more about how everyone else needs to solve this problem.


The Boston Globe just interviewed someone who admits they’re going around creating fake news, but it’s okay because it’s to help the left, and everyone knows that fake news is how the right is winning. Right?

He’s now going after Manafort for something in 2013 he was also doing.

Oh, and his chief witness against Trump is a convicted pedophile.

Beer drinking with no head covering.

When they weren’t for the past 8 years…

You can just keep scrolling.

Of course not. He was a Democrat so couldn’t be in the wrong.

The link lists a few examples, but I think those are minor compared to some of the things he did with, for instance, the Fast and Furious investigation.

Trump has put together a bipartisan commission to look into voter fraud, which is out course an offensive move to every Democrat insistent that the election was hacked.

They want the narrative without the accountability of any sort of truth or facts.

He owns a $10 million penthouse that he purchased through a shell company, but he lectures us on income inequality.

A lot of the left didn’t realize they were supposed to be outraged until they heard the signal.

Maxine Waters is angry because firing Comey was supposed to be Hillary’s job.

John Podesta managed to switch from advocate to angry within 7 hours.

Chuck Schumer also seems to be suffering from whiplash.

The New York Times didn’t mind when Bill Clinton did the same thing.

They don’t. Just like the toxic waste dump they left behind at the pipeline protest.

As long as those customers are Republicans, and not gay people.

He has built a wall and is vetting who gets to come in.

It was filled with hypocrisy and the elitism that is exactly why people chose to vote for Trump.

As he invites how many celebrities to his going away party…

And how many times did he use Air Force One to go on golf trips?

Now we see just how differently the reaction is to a naked Hillary statue than a naked Trump statue.

Compare and contrast.

Remember how much the media cared when Obama banned 3 newspapers from his campaign plane?

Isn’t it?

She’ll lecture us all on it while wearing a $12,000 jacket.