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An interesting theory. But at this point the left is so overwhelmingly about religious devotion to certain feelings that contradictions between various policies don’t seem to slow it down at all.


Funny, that…

Democrats Who Get It

Raymond Buckley and Jim Webb.

The way the Democrat party has been going the past several years, I assume they will be appropriately kicked out and shunned in short order.

Margaret Wente is pointing out some of the ways were society is most definitely slanted to favor women.

There’s a film coming out called, “The Red Pill”, by a former feminist that looks at many of the same complaints from the Men’s Rights Movement. I’ve seen an advanced copy, it’s pretty good.

I think there is a lot of value in finding these areas of society that significantly favor one gender over the other, and asking why – but I also think that one of the main gripes I have with the left’s identity politics is the idea of “privilege”. As a percentage, a people group might be “privileged”, but referring to an individual as such diminishes and dismisses all of the things they had to do for whatever success they’re enjoying – or they may not even be enjoying success, and that term is meant to exclude them from the conversation simply because others in their demographic are enjoying success.

Gets kicked off the school newspapers for creating a “hostile climate”.

Enumerated here and here (h/t Transterrestrial).

I can summarize my dislike for it pretty simply:

  1. Hashtag movements seem to always be entirely based on identity politics, and encouraging peer pressure to join whatever the particular victim group of the day is. And identity politics are always based on overly broad claims that some other race, gender, or class is oppressive and hateful.
  2. Modern feminists, with their language about “being an ally” and such exemplify the use of identity politics to drive support for arbitrary and tentatively related policy agendas. Anyone who even questions whether there might be a better approach for achieving the supposed core concern is faced with demonization and harassment, which is justified as punishing a hater of some sort.

The White House has been trying to push the phony 77-cents-on-the-dollar wage statistic again, to try and promote their war-on-women meme and push forward more identity politics. Except that this time they got called on it, and even have some of the press pointing out that not only is the wage gap not real, by some counts women actually earn more than women. And of course, Democrats and feminists only worry about the gaps when they’re in one direction.

Throughout all of this, it’s being highlighted that the very same Democrats making all of these claims, such as the White House, are some of the very same employers who don’t pay women equally. And their view of women in the workplace seems decidedly old-fashioned.

What identity group to blame for the state of things when you’re in charge?

This also highlights the core problem with identity politics. Whenever you’re focused on beating down groups until everyone is on an equal footing you’re not focused on society actually making progress and growing.