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You’re only a criminal if you break laws that the left likes.

Trump Gets Results In Days

As the Mayor of Miami ends the “sanctuary” status of his city.

Bloat the voter rolls with imported illegal immigrants, paint anyone who opposes it as racist, and oppose all attempts to stop fraud.


They had a criminal on their hands that they just let go.

ICE Director says that Sanctuary cities increase the danger to Federal agents, but refuses to oppose them.

Hey, what’s a few deaths compared to achieving a political agenda, right?

All under the covers, until recently.

Hillary Clinton complains that the GOP treats illegal immigrants like second class citizens.

The Democrat definition of a citizen is anyone who’s name they can forge to a vote.


Hungary’s border fence has been extremely effective stopping illegal immigrants from Croatia.

Anchor Baby Birth Tourism

It’s an industry in the U.S.

As Milton Friedman pointed out, open borders are generally incompatible with a welfare state. And frankly, I’m in favor of mostly open borders.

At what point do we the people get to charge our government with negligent homicide?

That we haven’t solved.

On the other hand, we know the disease is common in a lot of locations that were flooding our detention centers with illegal immigrants this summer, so the source of the outbreak isn’t so mysterious.

The Vote Fraud Issue

How many elections will Democrats steal tomorrow? There are already reports (and video) of machines in Chicago and Baltimore that switch Republican votes to Democrat – even when the Republican candidates in question try to vote for themselves. These are of course “calibration errors”. In an era when we have devices in our pockets that can communicate around the world. There are also Democrats in Colorado posing as Republican election officials.

Meanwhile, O’Keefe has released videos showing Colorado’s Mark Udall supporters encouraging vote fraud, the ease with which fraudulent ballots can be obtained in North Carolina, and Democrats in North Carolina helping people obtain fraudulent ballots.

Even the Washington Post is realizing that Vote Fraud, far from being just a figment of Republicans’ imaginations, is a real and serious issue, with 14% of non-citizens claiming to be registered to vote, 6.4% likely having voted in 2008, and likely the races of Al Franken in Minnesota and Obama in North Carolina of 2008 having been decided by non-citizens. There is of course citizen-perpetrated vote fraud as well. And that is precisely the reason Eric Holder’s Justice Department spent so much time and energy fighting voter ID. In fact, just a random statistical trial of close races points to Democrat voter fraud, while massive non-citizen voting is being uncovered in Maryland and La Raza is distributing guides to where IDs aren’t needed for voting. And the Democrat examples of voter intimidation this year include a woman who was “intimidated” by the police officers finding out she’d been driving without an in-state license for more than the legally allowed time.

The real racism is that Democrats apparently don’t think minorities are as capable of obtaining voter IDs as white people.

Millions of work permits.

Since the Obama administration issued the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program in 2012, the number of unaccompanied minors across the border has increased by 1000%.

Hey, you can’t exploit crisis politics unless you make sure there’s a crisis, first.

It’s being found prominently in the illegal immigrant children that have been flooding our borders.

Prepare for your blood to boil: The TSA is now allowing illegal immigrants to fly with no more documentation than a Notice To Appear form.

How do I become an illegal immigrant?

Obama And The Border

He doesn’t want to visit the border because he’s “not interested in photo ops”…he says as he takes several of them.

No, I think the president knows exactly what’s going on. And he’s encouraging the situation, with all of its mess, because he’s trying to foster a political crisis that gives him what he wants politically. The same thing has exactly happened with numerous other supposed crises that we’ve seen – such as the government shut down over the budget where the Parks service spent an extra $414 million to keep people out of the national parks and open air WW2 monuments. In this case, the President is demanding $3.7 Billion in spending from Congress to house these immigrants permanentlywhen it would cost 1% as much to fly them all home. It’s a manufactured crisis for political gain. And what’s even worse about this crisis is that it’s real, and not just theater like the shutdown was.

There’s a deliberate misinformation campaign causing some people to expect that they will be able to stay in this country.

Yeah, where could they ever have gotten that impression.

Aunt Zeituni’s Legacy

Summarized by Michelle Malkin. Zeituni illegally immigrated here, mooched off the U.S. welfare system, and then insulted us for letting it happen.