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It’s for illegal immigrants.


Massive amounts of their criminal population, especially for sex crimes, are illegal immigrants.

The Illegal Immigrants are considered a critical component of future electoral success.

When the vote doesn’t go your way you have to dissolve the electorate and create a new one.

They’re far higher than the proportion of illegal aliens living in the general population.

One of them even provided the Feds with information on a suspect who was wanted for domestic assault, strangling, and kidnapping.

So that’s the kind of character the left is upset that ICE is rounding up.

Officially becoming a sanctuary state.

It’s amazing how the left wants laws to control every aspect of our lives, and yet doesn’t want the law to actually be respected.

The killer was an illegal immigrant who is a member of MS-13. I guess the left will have to continue to search for their perfect hate crime to pin on the right.

The majority of drug trafficking felonies in Boston last year were from non-citizens. Which Boston goes out of the way to protect from the feds.

The only reason the suspect hasn’t been deported was that the lawyers for his previous crimes colluded to skirt all of the things that would have triggered his deportation.

If you’re here legally, the base price is $70,000.

It sure seems like they should have all of their federal funding pulled, in that case.

You’re only a criminal if you break laws that the left likes.

Trump Gets Results In Days

As the Mayor of Miami ends the “sanctuary” status of his city.

Bloat the voter rolls with imported illegal immigrants, paint anyone who opposes it as racist, and oppose all attempts to stop fraud.


They had a criminal on their hands that they just let go.

ICE Director says that Sanctuary cities increase the danger to Federal agents, but refuses to oppose them.

Hey, what’s a few deaths compared to achieving a political agenda, right?

All under the covers, until recently.

Hillary Clinton complains that the GOP treats illegal immigrants like second class citizens.

The Democrat definition of a citizen is anyone who’s name they can forge to a vote.


Hungary’s border fence has been extremely effective stopping illegal immigrants from Croatia.

Anchor Baby Birth Tourism

It’s an industry in the U.S.

As Milton Friedman pointed out, open borders are generally incompatible with a welfare state. And frankly, I’m in favor of mostly open borders.