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Beer drinking with no head covering.



A whole bunch of false Venezuelan passports were issued to Syrian refugees by a corrupt official.

In a closed off stadium where no one can see them.

Michael J. Totten On Aleppo

Whatever happens, it seems at this point that Iran has won. And ISIS is one of the few groups that’s not in Aleppo, by the way.

Foreign policy.

Good for her.

A U.S. collapse within 25 years. Given the state of our political corruption and our finances, I don’t think that’s unreasonable…but I also think that if the Federal government collapsed¬†we would see state power resurge, and that would make us stronger as a whole.

Good. Fracking is doing wonders for the geopolitical landscape.

Simple: he was busy courting the Ayatollah for his nuclear deal.

The revolutions that he could have supported for positive change he abandoned, and the revolutions he’s supported have given us ISIS and a radicalized Muslim Brotherhood.

Yeah, what an ally Obama has given us.

Because he doesn’t like them not letting Iran have nukes.

Hmm. Guess which country constantly calls for “Death to America”, and funds constant terrorism against westerners around the world? Now guess which country Obama treats as an ally?

Smart diplomacy!

And The Iran Deal Gets Even Worse:

It’s not even binding for the Iranians, but we’re still going to honor our side of things and give them lots of money.

It’s not just the thousands of jobs he’s ended up costing, or the fact that now the oil will just get hauled at greater cost and environmental cost via trains (which lines Warren Buffett’s pockets) – now we’ve also rejected Canadian oil while encouraging the Iranians to get their oil to market.

Actively helping and funding the regime that constantly shouts “Death to America”, and “Death to Israel” while themselves funding terrorists¬†(which doesn’t offend Obama, but Americans pointing that out does) around the world build a nuclear reactor that will produce nuclear material for their weapons. So ask yourself what Obama’s motives are (and who he considers his actual enemies). Let me take you through some of the history of the deal:

First there were going to be increased inspections, but then we found out that those inspections would be according to Iran’s schedule, before finding out that Iran would provide their own samples and inspect themselves – while we pay them to do so. We won’t enforce any of the rules they’ve promised to break, and we’ve agreed to protect them from Israel if that country tries to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. Also, high level accusations have been leveled that the Obama administration has tried to get various countries to assist Iran in getting nuclear material, and Iran has just announced that they mysteriously found a whole bunch of nuclear material that the world wouldn’t have wanted them to have before the deal, and have stepped up other efforts to get nuclear material.

Peace in our time, right?

Oil is apparently the hot thing to talk about now that we need to sway opinions towards Obama’s Iran Deal and don’t need to sway them against Bush’s Iraq war.

Getting called out by The Tablet.Of course, his antisemitism was pointed out by conservatives before he even got his first presidency.

That was fast. And the Obama administration was caught trying to claim they didn’t.

Things Obama Doesn’t Like:

Mentioning the 4 Americans in Iranian jails that he didn’t get free.