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And how they really feel about us.


O’Keefe’s latest undercover work. Fantastic.

Drudge report has perfectly summed up the modern media.


He earned it.

Fine when Michael Moore does it, not when James O’Keefe does it.

Covering for any of their members who destroy opposing voter registration forms or register voters without being properly deputized.

Gee, maybe…

Willing to work with middle eastern oil interests to shut down U.S. oil production.

Showing Hollywood Actors willing to help an anti-fracking video backed by middle-east oil intent on keeping America from achieving energy independence.

Why would they give one to Mother Jones and not even mention James O’Keefe?

Oh, right: it’s unethical when it targets Democrats.

Or at least, they won’t put up any signs saying they’re gun free.

Democrat Congressman James Moran’s son got caught by them advising on how to commit document forgery and vote fraud. And now he’s been forced to resign. Good.

All About Voter ID

There’s been quite a bit about voter ID in the news relatively recently, and I’m going to summarize some of it here. Continue reading

And then they go after him, of course. Original video here.

Showing them shaping their messages for Obama, Democrats, and OWS. And then the media tries to dispute his charges, and he of course has an answering video for that, as well.