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It’s a loser. If only someone who wasn’t a bigot could understand economics, right?


Awesome, it should have been all along, especially after it was found by Obama’s EPA to be environmentally more friendly than the current situation.

Well, maybe that’s why the country did so badly on job creation the past 8 years.

All of their policies are being followed and the economy isn’t getting better, and in some areas is getting worse!

And yet the prescription is always to double down on the same policies.

Unemployment in August dropped to 5.1%, but that’s only because so many people have stopped looking for work. The labor participation rate is the lowest it’s been since 1977.

Not only is that quote utterly inane, but the Obama administration’s record on job creation is abysmal.

It’s generating money, providing jobs, and being opposed by Democrats and Obama on every front.

But Democrats keep on insisting we need another stimulus. Probably so they can funnel more money to their friends.

Like the automatic cashier machines getting deployed at all the fast food chains.

Although to be fair, it’s not just the minimum wage, but things like insurance mandates, and even just additional paperwork.

Despite Obama’s “#1 priority”.

Obama’s Manufacturing Hubs:

Job killers.

If he really wanted to get America back to work he’d think about reducing the costs to hire someone.

Actually, I think that the sorts of investments he’s having those centers make are in the industries that should probably be invested in, but only by private industry, not government.

If jobs is his number one priority (and it’s certainly the country’s top issue), why is he pushing for a minimum wage hike that will kill 500,000 jobs according to the CBO, ordering that trucks produced beyond 2018 adhere to ever higher fuel efficiency standards, and proclaiming that, “you know what, the 2.5 million jobs Obamacare is killing is a good thing”?

An estimated 6 oil industry deaths a year would be prevented by the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. And yet the Obama administration will continue to stonewall on this environmentally friendly, economically wondrous piece of infrastructure – purely to pander to socialist, anti-progress environmental extremists.

The Keystone pipeline decision has taken longer than it took us to defeat Hitler.

Obama’s Economy:

96% of the jobs created this year have been part time jobs.

After 5 years of “recovery summers”, this is what the economy looks like.

It could already be built by now.

If Democrats wanted the economy to suck, what would they do differently?

We have, coincidentally, as many Americans out of work right now as they’re claiming illegal immigrants can fill the gap for.

So their argument is complete and utter nonsense.

A myth that gets absolutely destroyed by Sarah Palin.

But hey, at least they kept that Walmart away!

It’s all the “McJobs” the media loved to complain about with Bush, but is somehow quiet on with Obama. Only to much greater effect than Bush ever brought the numbers. Only 47% of Americans have full time jobs.