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It must be nice not to have the law apply equally to you…


And this is apparently a regular and ongoing thing.

He got waivers to get into the Navy despite his age and previous drug habits because of his father. And now he’s back out because of continued drug use.

For the stories that got told.

Wow, what a stupid thing to say.

Remember when Biden said Romney was going to take us to war with Syria?

The Latest Voter Fraud Democrat

Joe Biden’s niece.

Man fires shotgun into air according to Joe Biden’s advice, faces charges.

Democrats And Charity

Hey, what the Bidens do is quite similar to what the Obamas did before they were considering a presidential run!

Democrats only seem to care about the poor people when it’s with other people’s money.

Joe Biden:

  • The “affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order”
  • The global “playing field” needs to be “leveled” – (i.e. he doesn’t like that we’re actually competing with other countries)

Barack Obama:

  • “I am constrained, as they are constrained, by a system that our Founders put in place”

Yeah, these two really sound like they’re for power being in the hands of the citizenry.

Just for the hotel.

I understand there are when high government officials travel overseas…but aren’t embassies supposed to be for our government officials? Why are we letting them rent out hotels on our dime?

The Obama administration, legally required to release a report every quarter about how the stimulus funds are being used, hasn’t done so since 2011.

10 Gun bills introduced the very first day of Congress’ new session. Mayor Menino discusses Biden’s promise for massive gun control by February. Oh, and they want knife control, too.

As Pravda, of all organizations, reminds us, arms are the basis of all the rest of our freedoms – which the founding fathers noted, as well. The left now openly despises the constitution, making them even one step closer to the despots they’ve wanted to be since at least the era they schmoozed with Hitler and Mussolini.


What he said just isn’t so.

He likened the Obama presidency to an empty chair, and called Biden a grin with a body behind it.

About Last Night’s Debate

If those Republicans would just get out of the way. After all, money is just something we print, right?

Yeah, that was just about the most obvious illustration of the media’s double standards in recent memory.

But because Joe Biden is a Democrat, when he makes atrocious spelling mistakes he gets a pass.

Doing fake Indian accents when talking about outsourcing.