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Oh, and the cops ignored the reporting by the Trump supporters.

So of course Jill Stein and various other Democrats and media are reporting him as right wing, and Portland’s Democrat mayor thinks the Trump supporters need to have their free speech curtailed.

Also, Keith Ellison is blaming the current healthcare situation on this, utterly forgetful that the current healthcare situation is Obamacare, enacted by his party with zero Republican votes.


David Duke voices support for Keith Ellison.

See, that’s what’s called mob rule, and it was one of the chief concerns of our forefathers, and why we’re a Republic and not a Democracy.

It’s just mean to remind them of the consequences of their actions.

A newspaper in France just published images depicting Mohammed naked. In response, 20 French embassies are closing, in fear for their lives.

Meanwhile, The Onion just published a vulgar picture depicting every non-Mohammed religious figure in an orgy, with the headline, “No one murdered because of this image”.

And proudly standing up for your right to free speech, the Obama White House is questioning the judgement of the French newspaper.

Another Democrat, Muslim Keith Ellison just called Republicans the “Party of Hate” for banning Shariah. I think it’s pretty obvious where the real hate is.