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Of course they did. And of course it was always movements on the left.

That sounds like violent rhetoric to me. If only we had a media that would hold a Democrat accountable for saying something like that.

One which we’ve noticed before:

Republicans police their own fringes and marches, while Democrats at least encourage by silence the mob rule we saw at Berkeley.

Oh, and Scott Adams is ending his financial support of UC Berkeley. Here’s a hint that the left will ignore: You’re not “protesting fascism” when you’re dressed in all black, starting fires, and smashing things.

One couple of Trump supporters (who are minorities, by the way), had one of their neighbors put a Nazi flag in their porch, take a picture, and make it viral.

Now the homeowners are receiving death threats.

Thugs who are too stupid to even hit the right target.

And drive out Trump with what looks an awful lot like political violence.

It’s amazing to me how often the left’s brownshirts come out justifying their actions as combating fascism.

Because he was shooting a “white supremacist” supporter of Milo Yiannopolis…who was actually a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Good. For too long the political thuggery that’s been occurring with lefty demonstrations has been tolerantly accommodated.

That’s up to 10 years in prison and $25k fine, by the way.

Apparently certain categories of hate that fit the agenda are perfectly fine.

They actively think they should encourage “progressive rebellion”.

Despite the clear racial language.

Can’t disrupt the narrative.

Yup. Oh, and Facebook doesn’t think the video violates their community standards.

They think he will do to them what they were intending to do to the rest of us.

They’ve spent the last decade weaponizing the government for political crusades against their enemies, and now they’re scared of such a government.

Ones perpetrated against Republicans.

A judge just ruled that they need to stop.

It’s no longer a matter of personal opinion whether Democrats have been tyrannically abusing state power to go after their political opponents. It’s a matter of court record. The only debate left is whether Democrat voters are okay with the abuses of power when it’s their side doing it. And the answer seems to be yes.

Here it is, and I’m sure it’s not a full list. Did you know that another one of Trump’s offices was vandalized recently?

This sort of thing constantly happens, and yet the left constantly says their number one fear of the right is the rise of Fascism. Pure projection.

Democrats’ Love Of Violence

I won’t use the “F” word, but in case you missed it, two recent news stories really highlight Democrat behavior:

Of course, the graffiti at the firebombing, and the comments of the Democrats in the video show that the thugs think they’re heroes, stopping those Republican villains – and media outlets such as CNN are playing along, ludicrously claiming that the violence is an example of what Trump inspires, as always. Projection. Also, Google may be trying to minimize the video.

Democrats are also trying to claim the video is fake/edited out of context – but FEC groups are already filing charges based on it, Bob Creamer has already resigned, and we have evidence that multiple people in the video have visited the White House multiple times, and also that they’re on Clinton’s payroll.

As they beat Trump supporters and Scott Adams finds himself shadowbanned on twitter and disinvited from speaking engagements.

Beat at the door of one politician while only his wife was home. And then there were no arrests.