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An interview by John Stossel.


It’s not just Worldcon, and it’s not just conservatives being banned.

Who’s come up with yet another set of reasons to justify not letting people make their own choices.


And of course the biggest whammy is how they fired James Damore for having the temerity to point out any train of thought different from Google’s groupthinkthat all human demographics are exactly the same so any hiring differences must be due to racism, but a lack of diversity would be a critical flaw in a company because every human demographic is fundamentally different. Oh, and his memo also caused numerous female employees to stay home the next day, which seems to exactly prove his point. He is fighting back, in multiple ways, you can see the extensive list of complaints here – and the extent of the situation borders on the ridiculous – and of course the media completely misreported the situation.


Just the design of their advertising system itself is classically monopolistic and they threaten people who don’t use or promote their services.

Much more so than any other group communicating with people across the aisle.

It’s hard when people don’t blindly follow your religion.

A fun video. It’s politics as religion.

At an anti-fascism rally.

Most of the left doesn’t understand that fascism doesn’t mean “things I don’t like”, but actually means a specific set of policies – and that most of those policies have always been most closely aligned with the left.

Bill de Blasio is walking back on his commitment to honor Puerto Rican political terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, whom Obama pardoned – just like Clinton’s pardoning of some of Obama’s terrorist friends, who are now helping organize the Antifa political violence.


There’s no plans for how they’re going to pay for it, and the price tag is bigger than their existing budget.

It’s blind ideology over reality.

They should agitate.

It’s almost like Democrats are doing everything in their power to encourage a bad situation so that they can reap the political benefits of the people angry at said situation.

An illegal immigrant who calls for celebrating Cinco de Mayo by beating up white people.

The Anti-Trump Astroturfing

Of course the Democrat party is helping plan the protests. And just like during the election, do you really think they’re not encouraging the violence they want to see here?

That’s because the orthodoxy of the Left’s religion demands that all other viewpoints be seen as bigotry.

This poll is only a surprise to all Democrats, who view themselves as tolerant and enlightened.

They’re conflating scientific ideas with policy directions.

That’s very unscientific of them. And completely typical of Liberal Fascism religious dogma.

Oh, and if they were really scientifically driven, they’d be all for nuclear energy, fracking, and oil pipelines. And I’m guessing the majority of them are against at least the latter two.

Lefty Activist Rushes Le Pen

And only gets stopped a few feet away from her.

First they tried to pepper spray Trump supporters and got pummeled for it, and then they got arrested and face felony charges.

I wonder at what point self awareness will develop and they’ll learn that their political violence is the fascism they’re so concerned about?

It’s all about which side is doing the censorship.

Slate’s obituary for Alan Colmes.



Of course they did. And of course it was always movements on the left.