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And how it’s being used to limit competition.


2 Senators have introduced a bill to allow military spouses to apply occupational licensing across state boundaries whenever they’re on a military base.

It’s a good idea.

Featuring a few people I know, actually.

I don’t see why they can’t at least make it so that after the initial registration there’s simply an easy and cheap way to renew the existing license, rather than pay the full thing each year.

An article by Newsweek.

Any licensing requirement that requires specific amounts of time or money to complete is basically just collusion between the existing professionals and the government to keep out competition.

As Foie Gras is back on the menu in California, and hair braiders in Texas escape the grip of the cartel.

And get Warner Brothers to pay back the licensing fees they’re charging everyone.

Rand Paul and Paul Broun have introduced a bill that gets rid of some of the more silly crimes we currently have for Federal law. Excellent. I hope it goes through, and more besides.

And then that we start whittling down the silly licensing restrictions we have.

How did we get such laws? Simple: There always “ought to be a law“…and while liberal legal groups might be able to agree that some laws such as the spiny lobster importing in the above link have gotten absurd, it’s all the little rules they don’t see as absurd and currently want that get them to where we are today. It would have been better to not grow the government in the first place…but suggest trimming it back down and you’re seen as outrageous.

Licensing Gone Wild

Be careful about blogging about your diet in North Carolina.


According to the EU officials, who spent three years studying the subject, it doesn’t – of course. That should teach anyone who tries to drink anything other than nasty sports drinks!

Also, in Connecticut: selling teeth whitening treatments – 5 years in prison.

In Oregon.

Economic Fascism

Those of you who think that the left is on the side of the little guy against big businesses, or who think that we’re not living in a classically fascist state should read up on the economic models of WW2 era Italy and Germany. Fascist governments ran on an economic model of strong (excessive) licensing and regulation, which inevitably would result in only large corporations able to comply, and smaller businesses, especially individuals, being shut down. And the stronger corporations would inevitably have close ties to government, helping them steer the creation of more regulations. Fascist government officials, meanwhile, would rail about how horrible big businesses were, and drum up public support for more regulation. It all resulted in power gravitating to the government at the top.

With that in mind, take a look at these stories of licensing and nannystatism in recent news.

All of this is precisely why Libertarians call for a lighter government with less regulation and more private innovation.