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NBC Lies For Elizabeth Warren

And claims she has native American ancestry.

Talk about being completely wrong.

They immediately had to disprove it when people applied the same metrics to Audi’s workforce.

That other countries don’t have voter ID.


Climateers’ Biggest Lies

Like so much of the rest of the left, they have to misrepresent their opponents’ positions so that they can label and denounce them.

They claim there’s an epidemic of violence by police against black people.

The truth: Police are less likely to use violence against a black suspect than a white suspect.

She was not.

Oh look, another prediction that was wrong.

One death every three days? No. In fact, there were only four deaths from guns in New Hampshire last year.

We know what he meant.


It’s not the first time, I believe. Always counter-record the press. They are Democrats with bylines.

Their claims that Israel cut off their water supply during Ramadan turned out just to be a burst pipe.

But don’t look for any retractions.

Now the hoaxer us claiming that testifying would be too traumatic.

She should be in prison.

No, semi-automatic weapons do not fire rapid bursts.

They can’t account for massive amounts of money in a program and don’t have reliable metrics, but they’re still reporting it as a huge success.

Not a surprise, but now we have it in writing.

Completely false. Unless he’s talking about black market sales which are already illegal – in which case his statements are also pure demagoguery.

NOAA’s Climate Change Lies

They’ve been caught cooking the books with their data, and have been refusing to hand over the communications regarding how they arrived at the data they did, even under FOIA request. And the left is of course glad that the scientists are “refusing to be bullied” into showing their methodologies.

And why have they been fiddling with the data (along with NASA fiddling with their data)? Because there’s an 18 month hiatus that doesn’t show any warming, and may even show cooling, Antarctic ice is on the increase, the certainty that last year was the warmest on record is now 38%, and even NOAA has to admit that any current warm temperatures aren’t caused by global warming.

And the rest of the predictions by Al Gore, Obama, and all of their supporting global warmists are falling apart until all they have left is denial.

She’s not sorry she lied, she’s sorry she didn’t get elected and therefore couldn’t proceed with her dishonest agenda.