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The IRS Scandal Reaches Day 1000

And still no one in prison.

Was it even legal?

At this point, is there any law the Obama administration feels compelled to follow?

Our Banana Republic

After a careful review of the facts, the Obama administration’s Justice Department has decided that Lois Lerner doesn’t need to be charged with any crimes for blatantly targeting the administration’s political enemies with the IRS machinery.

It’s now a banana republic.

Lois Lerner was receiving email at a second, private, pseudo-hidden account under the name of “Toby Miles”, and the ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, was also using a personal email account.

Tea party targeting. Why isn’t anyone in prison yet?

The IRS just erased 422 tapes related to Lois Lerner’s emails.

Throw these people in prison already.

One step closer to discovery.

But they can’t hand them over yet. They need to “screen them for duplicates”.

Of course they did. They’re as guilty as she is in all of this.

And Politico did their best to bury the lede.

Of course they did. The entire IRS Tea Party targeting is the most flagrant example of Obama’s weaponized government, and therefore the one that media watchdogs have tried to suppress as much as possible.

While the tea party targeting was going on, she received $129,000 in bonuses.

No one will ever believe both of our hard drives crashed within a week of each other.

Given that we now have all of these emails that we were told under oath were unrecoverable and that they never even tried to look for the backups, isn’t that perjury?

IRS Chief refuses to apologize for missing emails.

They hid the emails for months, claiming they were gone when 27 officials’ hard drives simultaneously crashed, and then they finally dug them out from backups. That’s clear obstruction, send people to jail and make the rest realize that this is a real crime and that they’re next.


Fire them all, eliminate the agency, and switch to the FairTax.

Only 1% of the relevant documents have been released.

But of course, we knew that all along.

Send the lot of them to prison.

30,000 recovered as soon as a Republican senate got elected.

Prosecute. Send these criminals to jail.

Oh, and the list of groups that sailed through to tax exempt status on her watch while conservatives were denied has grown scummier.

They just outright lied.

Send them to prison.