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Honestly, gerrymandering is a bipartisan problem. There are several solutions, but again and again we learn that we can’t trust the politicians to pick the voters.


Good for them! I hope more states follow in their wake.

Pick a berry in a park and get a $50 fine, even though there’s no signage saying such, and it doesn’t interfere with the plant in any way.

The Vote Fraud Issue

How many elections will Democrats steal tomorrow? There are already reports (and video) of machines in Chicago and Baltimore that switch Republican votes to Democrat – even when the Republican candidates in question try to vote for themselves. These are of course “calibration errors”. In an era when we have devices in our pockets that can communicate around the world. There are also Democrats in Colorado posing as Republican election officials.

Meanwhile, O’Keefe has released videos showing Colorado’s Mark Udall supporters encouraging vote fraud, the ease with which fraudulent ballots can be obtained in North Carolina, and Democrats in North Carolina helping people obtain fraudulent ballots.

Even the Washington Post is realizing that Vote Fraud, far from being just a figment of Republicans’ imaginations, is a real and serious issue, with 14% of non-citizens claiming to be registered to vote, 6.4% likely having voted in 2008, and likely the races of Al Franken in Minnesota and Obama in North Carolina of 2008 having been decided by non-citizens. There is of course citizen-perpetrated vote fraud as well. And that is precisely the reason Eric Holder’s Justice Department spent so much time and energy fighting voter ID. In fact, just a random statistical trial of close races points to Democrat voter fraud, while massive non-citizen voting is being uncovered in Maryland and La Raza is distributing guides to where IDs aren’t needed for voting. And the Democrat examples of voter intimidation this year include a woman who was “intimidated” by the police officers finding out she’d been driving without an in-state license for more than the legally allowed time.

The real racism is that Democrats apparently don’t think minorities are as capable of obtaining voter IDs as white people.

And here’s another $474 Million in taxpayer funds going to pay for failed state exchanges, including Massachusetts – the model for the rest of the country.

Must be another conservative fantasy of vote fraud.

Because the background checks are being managed by government bureaucracies.

Maryland girls torture autistic boy and force him to perform sex act on pet.

The War On Photography

Many cops don’t think you have or deserve any rights.

Name him, shame him, and fire him.

Liberal teachers are suspending a kid for biting his pop tart into the shape of a gun.

And has to leave the race. That’s yet another Democrat guilty of vote fraud. Amazing, who would have thought? And yet Democrats insist that vote fraud doesn’t happen.

A Victory Against Gerrymandering

In Maryland. Good. Gerrymandering is a problem both parties practice, I’m glad to see it stopped anywhere.

What blue state isn’t? And that’s why our country is in trouble.

How To Record The Police

Some tips from Reason.

Despite the accusations from the left that conservatives want us all to live in a fascist police state, I note that the only states which actually make it illegal to record the cops are all liberal bastions.

One Way Privacy Rights

Isn’t it funny how cops use privacy rules to give themselves the right to record citizens, but then go after anyone who videotapes them?

And isn’t it interesting that the states that seem to do this the most egregiously are liberal die-hard states? Police states do not come from societies that prefer small government.

For one small area of Maryland, we finally know. Even though they’re are protectors, it’s up to the citizens of society to hold police accountable for their actions. Reports like this help.