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As a privilege.

I already knew that.


Ones perpetrated against Republicans.

Nice. And of course, Massachusetts is working to ban them as a virtue signal.

If you ever needed a clear illustration that Democrats hate progress and love their cartels, this is it. They’re directly trying to line the pockets of their friends in an industry that has sucked for decades precisely because it’s been granted a monopoly, while fighting the innovation that everyone else loves because it lets anyone earn some money on their own, and everyone get a ride anywhere they want to.

Yes, it was Republican Charlie Baker who signed the bill, but it was a Democrat legislation that crafted it, and Democrats like Hillary and Bernie are consistently outspoken against ridesharing.

As they try to ban anything that’s functionally equivalent to the previously defined “assault rifle”…which is just an ordinary rifle that looks scary.

Because that’s going so well…

120 overturned cases for prosecutorial misconduct – and no penalty for the prosecutors in question.

Heck, many times they haven’t even had their names released.

Please answer: Why you need to explain your rights to the police chief.

2.5 hour workdays, 65 days of vacation, unlimited sick time, and a six-figure salary.

And yet the budget gets bigger every year.

I hope they take that to a higher court.

Massachusetts: that pesky 2nd amendment stops us from getting rid of all guns, so we’ll get rid of anything that’s not a musket.

Cape Wind May Be Dead

So, even in Massachusetts, home of concerned leftist citizens, wind energy doesn’t seem feasible in the U.S.

And finally allows the hold-open clips on gas pumps.

Liberal freedom at it’s finest.

I bet they’re for legalizing pot though.

They took the Senate, and a whole host of governorships, such as my home state, Massachusetts.

My advice:

  • Stand firm against earmarks.
  • Pass clear, simple, simply titled legislation that Americans can get behind and will expose Obama and Democrats’ radical corruption for what it is, e.g. “Repeal the Hollywood Tax Breaks”, “Keystone Pipeline Jobs Act”, “The Clean Drilling Leases Mandate”…
  • Pass the Fairtax.
  • Do investigate the Obama administration, but don’t turn congress into a circus to do so: i.e. play for a special prosecutor to do the dirty work, if possible.

And for Charlie Baker in Massachusetts:

  • Focus on the corruption and ineffectiveness of the transportation department, and other Nepotistic agencies.

She’s supposed to be protecting Massachusetts consumers from utility company price gouging, but is holding fundraisers with National Grid’s lobbyists and top executives.

She’s never been one to pursue legal action against political allies.

Including the Muslim call to prayer.

Somehow, I think similar teachings of Jesus and Christianity would get the entire Massachusetts left outraged about separation of church and state – and yet other religions (besides Judaism) never seem to bother them.

Even the Boston Globe has endorsed her Republican opponent, Charlie Baker.

To be fair, Baker’s a pretty good candidate, too.

Transferring 500 of his managers to the Public Employees Union, guaranteeing them 3% raises in January and October next year, and July 2016 and making them fire proof, and then pardoning 2 drug offenders and a would-be murderer.

Oh, and Martha Coakley immediately endorsed these actions.

Since they’re not selling Teslas, they’re not direct competitors, and so can’t force the car company to follow their rules.

Occasionally Massachusetts gets things right.

Here’s hoping.

Coakley is a spectacularly bad candidate. People have rotted in prison because of her activism, while she’s deliberately ignored and protected Democrat malpractice.