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To try and get guns banned.


Nanny Stater #1.

Compared to the current demographics of criminals, we stop minorities too little.

They include the Tsarneovs as victims of gun violence.

Now that the vote is over and Democrat’s (not-Sandy-Hook-related) gun control failed (the real horror of the past week, according to some outlets), I’ve got quite a few links about the war going on between, well, mostly the media vs. the rest of us. As you can see, there’s quite a fight occurring not just in congress, but in the daily life of many areas across the country.

On the other hand:

Bloomberg’s Overindulgence

When he got in to office, debt was $55.2 Billion for his city. Now it’s $110 Billion, and the bill is due.

By taking away choices, we’ve given you more!

Soda Ban Halted In NY


Bloomberg: It’s government’s job to educate citizens.

That’s why he’s trying to control them.

Piers Morgan: We all need some nanny state occasionally.

No, we don’t. Go live some place with a real big brother.

Before mommy Bloomberg takes them away.

And apparently ancient egyptians had access to large sodas too.

Yet more mother-knows-best meddling over the rest of society. I wonder if there are any health ramifications, like the deadly plastic bag ban in San Francisco?

Because they carry guns. Apparently he wants his city to look more like Chicago, or to follow the trends of Great Britain and Australia.

NYC Unanimously Passes Soda Ban

The real fascists are, and have always been, those who want government to control the citizenry.

Breast milk.

Government subsidizes the junk food industry with billions of dollars. But of course doing away with that would reduce government’s power, so isn’t an appropriate solution to the nannies.

Bloomberg just mused about a political agenda, such as frustration with the health care bill, as a motive for the times square bombing attempt.

Yeah, that’s why the Taliban are making what seem to be valid claims of responsibility, and they’re seeking someone who recently traveled to Pakistan.

Anything than admit the real cause of terrorism.