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Not a good sign if true.



This is pretty impressive.

One of the key studies was apparently deeply flawed.


Very promising.

It figured out that the strain of leukemia a woman had was a very particular strain.


Scientists just figured out how to transmute skin cells into heart and brain cells while bypassing the stem cells stage.

Most stem cell therapies that we’ve discovered we’re all using adult stem cells, not fetal stem cells, but the left needed further justification for abortion.

And the mouse was able to ovulate and bear young.


Very neat.

Comment of the day:

If only someone besides racists and haters could have seen this coming.



Awesome, it’s the future.


The Anti-Science Left:

People most likely to refuse vaccinations for their kids are the Prius-driving, organic food types.

The FDA. Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me. And I bet class action lawsuits are a close second, because we don’t have a loser pays system.

But that’s because we’ve stopped testing for it and are therefore not detecting it.


The New Way To Scan For Virii

Find every virus that’s in a patient’s blood at once, 21 patients at a time.

Awesome. And I bet in a decade this will be on our cell phones.