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The same number of hours are required for shampooing hair as for commercial piloting.


No wonder Detroit is so broke: they’re only now considering a law to strip pensions from officials who commit felonies.

And it was the only area in Michigan that went to Hillary, so they weren’t for Trump.

Its a stupid decision about a stupid law.

Almost like they were only using using the situation to try to punish Republicans.

Of course. The fact that people were being poisoned by the water was only important as long as there was a Republican they could try and blame for the situation.

Various municipal and state environmental quality officials.

Flint has had Democrats for mayor for the past 84 years. And they ignored the current water crisis for 18 months.

So no, they don’t “have the backs of the people of Flint”.

And don’t forget that Obama’s EPA new about the Flint water problems for quite a while, too.

Even though they knew the problems.

Try and blame the Republican governor all you want, Obama’s EPA knew all about the situation, and didn’t care.

Pointing out that there are connections between their community and ISIS.

If you don’t like that, then figure out ways to sever those connections, don’t go after anyone who reports on it.

But of course they are. When have Democrats ever supported any measure to make sure welfare funds were being used for what they’re intended for?

Pretty good actually – incomes in the state are up.

The entire premise of a union is to use political pressure to force market outcomes – which is never the best thing for the market.

Michigan judge rules Democrat incumbent can stay on ballot despite not meeting signature requirements. Two years ago, his opponent couldn’t.

Good. That’s a huge blow to the race hustlers and vote buyers, too.

Union Thugs:

An AFSCME union in Michigan is posting the names of people who have opted out of the union.

True stories of how Obamacare cancelled your health insurance.

Once again, just look at what’s happening in Illinois, California, Michigan, Rhode Island…and likely the country, as well.


An 8 time convicted felon.

Drink five times, high three before you’re fired.

Let’s fire the teachers’ unions.