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Minority voting rates are actually greater in areas where Voter ID is allowed.

And that’s because the people who Democrats like to exploit for vote fraud are actually interested in voting when the election isn’t being stolen from them.


Fracking is apparently something racists and cronies do, and pollution is yet another way the man is keeping black Americans down.

Yet more lunacy to try to shape the narrative such that the left doesn’t even have to listen to the arguments of the other side, because they’re too racist and offensive.

A strong majority across society.

Only the looniest and most corrupt think voter ID is discriminatory.

They’re all white. Well, except for the fake native American blood they all have.

Actually, that photo looks surprisingly similar to Obama staffer photos, and the MSNBC offices.

The document supporting her 1/32 Cherokee claims doesn’t actually exist, and the Boston Globe has had to admit that they were lying – intentionally. In point of fact, Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors were the soldiers who rounded up native Americans for the Trail of Tears. And while Warren hasn’t been forthcoming with any of the information, we now know that she made this claim through multiple schools including Harvard (In fact, she may have been hired because of Obama’s racist professor Derrick Bell), and definitely received affirmative action benefits for the fraud she perpetrated. Warren’s reaction to all of this? To double down on her claims.

It’s not too late for Massachusetts Democrats to go with a real candidate. The fact that they’re sticking with Warren shows that not only is the political class all hacks with complete and utter disdain for the electorate, but that the brainwashed electorate supports them even while they commit such slime, all for the sake of defeating the other side. This is probably the thing that disgusts me most about Massachusetts.

Jeez, how many pasty white Americans like Michael Graham (or I believe myself) are more Native American than her? And yet, she’s been listing herself as a minority for years. If her sides’ politics wasn’t so insistent on making race a serious issue in our society, this would be hilarious. As would her counter-accusations of sexism for questioning her race. George Zimmerman is more black than she is Native American.

Oh, and the MSM is still trying their best to ignore this whole issue.

But the hate crime charges will likely be dropped, because the perpetrators were lesbians. See, the whole point of declaring crimes hate crimes is to punish groups that it’s politically correct not to favor, not to pile additional charges on to minorities who commit crimes.

Hard Facts About Race In America

While liberals, especially minority liberals, love to claim conservatives are racist, there are hard facts that they have trouble confronting: It is liberal policies on welfare and multiculturalist alternative-lifestyle attitudes that have exacerbated the situation until the black community is in the horrible place it finds itself today.

And when anyone brings this up, even someone who is black (such as Bill Cosby), he is immediately rejected as racist.