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Wow. Apparently feminism involves marrying 6-year-olds, beating wives who disagree, and claiming that women are intellectually inferior to men.


By Muslim threats.

Just like Mohammed did.

Oh, and it’s a woman who published this article, as well.

Not that hateful:

But you wouldn’t know that if all you heard from was media that refused to show the content, while telling you it was hateful content.

The winning artist has refused to take any interviews that don’t show his content uncensored. Good.

No, not as far back as you think. Only in 2001, by the Taliban.

Karachi muslims protesting Charlie Hebdo storm Christian Boys’ School, hospitalizing 4 students and forcing the school to close for repairs.

Islamic Barbarism:

Pakistan’s Holy Islamic Council just declared that girls as young as 9 are eligible for marriage.

Well, Mohammed liked them young, too.

By Stephen Crowder.

A newspaper in France just published images depicting Mohammed naked. In response, 20 French embassies are closing, in fear for their lives.

Meanwhile, The Onion just published a vulgar picture depicting every non-Mohammed religious figure in an orgy, with the headline, “No one murdered because of this image”.

And proudly standing up for your right to free speech, the Obama White House is questioning the judgement of the French newspaper.

Another Democrat, Muslim Keith Ellison just called Republicans the “Party of Hate” for banning Shariah. I think it’s pretty obvious where the real hate is.

Reason explains. And Michelle Malkin gives some good context.

While some take the view that the real villain is multiculturalism, and I agree that’s a factor, I’ll take a firm stand against those who issue death threats against any who criticize them, and not just against those who will let such death threats be issued without condemnation.

I can’t draw with a mouse and I don’t have a tablet, so here’s a picture of Mohammed and the Angels seeing women being punished for shamefully exposing their hair:

Mohammed Witnesses Shameless Women Being Punished

And it was drawn by a Muslim, even though supposedly images of Mohammed are offensive.

Pakistan has already responded by blocking facebook and youtube.

And I pretty much agree with Mark Steyn on the subject.

Muslim Outrage

It’s not about what’s offensive to Muslims. It’s about what can they get the West to appease them over.