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Under the right circumstances.


Guaranteeing the mortgages of Palestinians.

If those Republicans would just get out of the way. After all, money is just something we print, right?

This Will Turn Out Badly:

Cities applying Kelo to mortgages. I’m sure it’s good intentions, seizing mortgages about to go under and all, but I don’t think anyone involved understands what happens when government underwrites endless debt. Then again, it’s California, so we pretty much know that statement is true.

You are! If you’re a homeowner with a mortgage. It’s a huge relief to the middle class to have middle class homeowners pay these fees instead of the rest of them.

This time, a shady deal between Bank of America and Fannie and Freddie.

No money down (or really, 67 cents down)! And of course Democrats have never admitted that it was their housing/banking policies that they’ve failed to reform that caused all of thisand in fact their bailing out more of the banks that played with the risky loans they encouraged. And local government regulations are making things even worse.

By the way, there’s good reason to think houses have another 20% in prices to drop.

Obama is now going to force banks to pay much of the mortgages of the unemployed, to really motivate them to get a job.

And I’m sure that will really help the banks get the economy going again.

With all of the variables between renting a place or buying, it can be hard to decide. If you are going to buy, how much should you put down? Anne and I recently were looking at the exact same decisions. Programming geeks that we are, we created a helpful spreadsheet (it’s shared to everyone, so you might want to download your own copy before playing with the numbers) that lets you figure out which decision is right for you. Let me explain a little bit about how it works: Continue reading