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There’s a special class of jobs reserved for non-muslims: sewer cleaners for life.


The killer was an illegal immigrant who is a member of MS-13. I guess the left will have to continue to search for their perfect hate crime to pin on the right.

Former Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca:

ISIS has the same beliefs that we do.

It’s looking a lot like most of the “peaceful majority of Muslims” are peaceful just in the sense that they’ll let ISIS do the dirty work they think should be done.

Which is why Trump is soaring in the ratings. He says something outrageous, it gets people offended enough he gets airtime, and it still makes more sense than the current administration.

They’ve realized it’s a problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with 100% of Oslo rapes being caused by majority-muslim migrants?

Very similar to what Carter pulled, but I don’t see the media harping about that much.

I don’t agree with Trump’s strategy, but it may be legal.

As Scott Adams points out, Trump might not agree with the statement either.

Because, according to a recent Pew poll, 63 million in the Middle East view the group favorably. So just how “moderate” are moderate Muslims? Does that mean they still cheer on the radicals and sharia, they just don’t want to personally get their hands dirty, or are they actually willing to take a stand?

Hint: CAIR is the former, not the latter.

It’s a straight out lie by the media. Some journalist should be fired from the industry permanently.

Westernized muslims and social justice types are often offended when people say that muslims need to stand and denounce terrorism. The standard reply is, “Of course they’re against terrorism, it’s bigoted to even ask that!”

Well, here’s why it’s an important question: Soccer fans in Turkey (supposedly a westernized ally) and Azerbaijan recently booed and shouted, “Allah Ackbar!” during moments of silence for Paris, and when a Muslim protest against terrorism was scheduled in Paris, only 30 Muslims showed up.

So if you’re Muslim and really against terrorism, stand up against it. If you want people to stop claiming Muslims are terrorists, denounce the terrorists. Some are.

The Muslim Demand to Germany:

Either end Octoberfest or stop doing un-islamic things like serving alcohol at it.

Remember, the new tolerance isn’t live and let live, it’s forcing everyone else to stop doing anything that is different than your culture.

Parents told to cover up their grade-school daughters so there’s not “misunderstandings” with the Muslim refugees.

The modern left: when Muslims are around, females need to cover up to cater to the Muslim culture; when anyone tells a female to cover up it’s time for everyone to walk around half-naked in a “slutwalk”.

No, not as far back as you think. Only in 2001, by the Taliban.

Karachi muslims protesting Charlie Hebdo storm Christian Boys’ School, hospitalizing 4 students and forcing the school to close for repairs.

If Muslim immigrants don’t like western freedoms, they shouldn’t be in western countries.

Gets kicked off the school newspapers for creating a “hostile climate”.

Christians are being persecuted by Muslims in Europe.

“Asians” being the codeword used whenever they’re too afraid to say Muslims.


What you probably didn’t: the Israeli teenager who’s death is prompting these actions was a Muslim.

Good for them, that’s exactly the sort of thing needed.