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Well, maybe that’s why the country did so badly on job creation the past 8 years.


Because he doesn’t support gay marriage.

Hmm. So mainstream Catholics aren’t in line with the Catholic church?

They’ll starve without them!

The third richest is FARC, the South American Marxist group that Democrats (and therefore the media) would rather not have you pay attention to.

Another close associate to Obama who’s committed awful crimes. He’s also an associate of Nancy Pelosi, and the founder of Human Rights Campaign. Yet another leftist who seems to care about human rights abuses only as a means to political power.

Once again the gun-control lobby is trying to use this latest massacre as a pretext for further¬†trampling on American’s 2nd Amendment rights –¬†although this time the arguments for doing so are even thinner and more ridiculous than usual. Meanwhile, the shooter had a long history of mental issues and therapy – therapy which kept him entirely focused on himself and his own self-esteem.

There are bills to help fix America’s broken mental healthcare system – bills which existed before the recent shooting and enjoy bi-partisan support – but the Democrat leadership is doing their best to stop them. If gun control isn’t passed, Democrats won’t let anything pass.


Remember, Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi knew of these behaviors for years, and did nothing.


Both Kerry and Pelosi.

And going against Assad violates pretty much every principle Obama pretended to have on foreign policy just a few years back, as well.

Oh well, just one more dictator in the long line of dictators that Democrats have cozied up to over the years…Chavez, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini…

And not something they ever did during the Bush era. *Snort*

Nancy Pelosi. But of course the left doesn’t actually care about outsourcing, just attacking conservatives.

But the internet still knows what they wrote. Doesn’t it suck when that regime you’re cozying up to reveals themselves as the tyrants conservatives claim they are?

Hmm, makes me remember Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria to bring a message of peace to the regime.

Which she can’t use unless she wants an ethics investigation on herself?

Meanwhile, here’s a good summation of what actually occurred with Gingrich and the ethics panel.

Supposedly, she wants to retire. Well, we want her to as well.

Funny how a quick reminder about her ethical culpability suddenly paints all her statements as misunderstood, isn’t it?

For the record, most of what she’s referring to is already publicly available.

She wants to do for childcare what Democrats have done for healthcare.

Socialism. There’s somehow never enough of it, and the answer to the problems it’s caused is always more of it.

Why didn’t Democrats pass a budget when they were in control of everything?

The real answer is because they were spending so much that they knew summing it all up and showing the rest of America that number would guarantee their downfall.

Democrat’s Rhetoric

Forget Satan sandwiches, here’s Biden saying that not passing the Jobs bill will increase your chances of getting raped and murdered, and Pelosi claiming Republicans want women to lay on the floor and die.

Democrat Lies On Debt

They’ve released a chart trying to play the blame Bush and Reagan game for the debt that’s just wrong.