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They’ve got the worst schools in the country, but they get more money per student than the national average. So it’s a perfect opportunity to give school choice a chance.


Andrea Smith. Too bad she doesn’t have the political connections to pull it off like Elizabeth Warren did.

Navajo code talkers. The name Redskins isn’t being used as a derogatory term, but a heroic term. If there were a sports team called the Tuskagee Blacks, it would be much the same.

You can smoke if you’re Native American.

And it’s not like we’re massively in debt or need to reign in our spending:

Indian casinos looking for bailouts for casino losses.

She’s doubling down on her Native American claims.

More Fauxcohontas Lies

Apparently, before Elizabeth Warren decided that lying to gain affirmative action was the best way to get into UPenn and Harvard (confirmed and fraudulent), she used to fill out forms claiming her grandmother was white. We similarly know that the elopement claims were bunk, as were the stories of driving wagons out west in the land rush.

Now, many Democrats here in MA are saying that Warren’s stories of family heritage don’t matter (even though they were used to gain an advantage in her career). Fine. But what about her plagiarism and scientific misconduct? I’m not talking about crab recipes, but repeated instances of scientific misconduct accusations.

In related humorous news, she’s ditching her BMW for a Ford Hybrid to try and pretend she belongs to the middle class, she can’t remember the last woman to run for a senate position in Massachusetts, and we now know that Obama is similarly native American.

The Native Americans themselves. But of course, that’s just race baiting.

It’s not that she claimed she was a member of a minority when she’s not. It’s that she used that status for affirmative action purposes that’s so offensive.

Jeez, she just keeps digging herself deeper, doesn’t she?

Jeez, how many pasty white Americans like Michael Graham (or I believe myself) are more Native American than her? And yet, she’s been listing herself as a minority for years. If her sides’ politics wasn’t so insistent on making race a serious issue in our society, this would be hilarious. As would her counter-accusations of sexism for questioning her race. George Zimmerman is more black than she is Native American.

Oh, and the MSM is still trying their best to ignore this whole issue.

As she once had Harvard Law School bragging about on her behalf.

The real question, of course, is whether she got to Harvard because of affirmative action.

But not in the way you believe. No minority has been more “helped” by our government – and further government help is the last thing they need. They’re trapped in socialist created poverty – the same socialism that proponents of welfare seem to think will solve so many problems of the rest of our society.

Like pretty much all the other cultures in the world that we’ve ever studied or known about, they waged war, and even committed genocide.