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Good for them.


Even though Bernie won the popular vote by 22%, Democrats assigned Hillary three more delegates from New Hampshire than he took.

Here’s one reason.

But also there’s the fact that we’re now finding out she was involved with the IRS targeting.

And then send her to prison: Jeanne Shaheen was coordinating with the IRS in the Tea Party targeting scandal.

Former Democrat Senator Burt Cohen was the assailant.

With a blatant lie about geography.

And of course ABC, George Stephanopoulos, and Huffington Post all refuse to apologize.

As a court in NH stopped the police from throwing out a lawsuit against them for arresting a woman for filming them.

Modern American Democracy:

Go over your two minute limit in protesting sexually explicit content in Common Core, get arrested.

That’s a good thing. It’s one way for people to start fighting back against our out of control criminal code.

One male officer can’t complete the physical fitness standards for male cops, but does complete the physical fitness standard for female cops. So he’s as qualified as any female cop has to be. Why is he being fired?

NH Voter ID Laws:

If you don’t have a photo id, they’ll take your picture and you sign an affidavit. It’s clearly not voter suppression.

In the face of heavy opposition from the Democrats, as always. They like the vote fraud.

Good for them.

All About Voter ID

There’s been quite a bit about voter ID in the news relatively recently, and I’m going to summarize some of it here. Continue reading

Because of an increase in sales.

They opposed passing a reduced budget with lower taxes adamantly, claiming it was disastrous, and a war on the middle class. And now unemployment has continued to fall and the state has a budget surplus.

Democrats will defend spending our future to bankruptcy to the death. And they’re wrong, and they know it – but they would still rather rule in hell then give up the tiniest amount of power for a better future for everyone.

And that’s not a good thing. They’re also charging a man who caught and held a criminal at gunpoint until the police arrived with a felony.

James O’Keefe is continuing his fine work of showing just how easily vote fraud can occur in Minnesota, New Hampshire, and of course a variety of other locations. The Democrat and Media’s solution to the problem? Lie about the problem, try and slander James O’Keefe, get him investigated, and put him behind bars with some of Obama’s election lawyers.

Candidly, of course, Democrats will admit that voter fraud is common – but from active Democrats the White House on down, they’ll oppose every law that could solve the problem, while the Obama administration continues to coordinate with voter fraud groups and Democrats are being busted for voter fraud in NY, Iowa, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina

Of Course: Ideology Over All Else

Obama’s propping up Planned Parenthood despite the direct wishes of electorates in various states.

Because the judges don’t like having their mistakes and corruptions caught, of course!

It’s just like why the cops don’t want you filming them.

Filming public officials while they’re working should be a public right.