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North Korea’s Child Labor

Caught on tape.

Pastor Han Chung-ryeol in China.


Starving and being sold into sexual slavery is worth the price of escaping that hell hole.

When they’re still committing international kidnappings?

We should just have unhackable computer systems.

While we’re at it, we should just make our planes and cars uncrashable, our boats unsinkable, our buildings immune to natural disasters…

Forget the Interview, think about the Chinese market.

And they also almost never show the tyranny that was the USSR, but that’s because of where their sympathies are.

North Korea is being DDOS’ed.

That’s a good thing, since the only thing the internet of that country is used for is crimes perpetrated by the North Korean government.


Guess he was out on the golf course.

The biggest thing we can do to help the North Koreans is pressure China to end their support of this monstrous regime.

Team America: World Police.

Probably a better movie anyway.


Another hunger famine caused by socialism.

A North Korean Coup?


That doesn’t surprise me, but is worrisome. Unless they’re being used to help North Koreans defect.

Why again is the Obama administrationĀ supporting illegally supporting Hamas with Foreign Aid?

Oh right, our president is an anti-semite.

All the more reason to watch it.

That’s promising. NK will likely only collapse once China decides to stop supporting them.