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Taking land from white farmers.

Well, the left loves their dictators…

He’s pretty heavily involved with one of the main agitating groups.

The typical crony-capitalism that characterized so much of his presidency.

Done here, in a way that’s actually understandable.

It’s a mess, and the sort of thing that government officials should fear prison time for.

It was all based upon a junk dossier created by Obama ex-Administration members based on a meeting they themselves set up with funding from the Hillary campaign and the DNC, reimbursed and supported by Comey, and that they’re willing to perjure themselves over to maintain the narrative. Hillary Clinton certainly knew about it, even before the election. CNN also has several ties to Fusion GPS (the firm behind the dossier), and the Obama administration also had funneled money to them.

Meanwhile, the entire investigation is being run by Mueller and Rosenstein, who, along with Holder and Comey, were the main FBI agents involved in suppressing the Hillary Clinton/Uranium One scandal – which now seems to have involved more of the Obama administration, as well. Oh, and Comey had his letter absolving Clinton for her emails ready to go months before he read it. And by suppressing, that includes going as far threatening the FBI informant who was going to tell Congress about the whole thing. In fact, Trump stepped in to personally un-suppress that testimony.

Essentially at this point the entire Justice Department is looking suspect. Mueller needs to resign, and we need a special prosecutor for all of this. The FEC is stepping in to do some investigation,

Within one week of starting work for Obama she was already using an email alias.

That administration was rotten to the core.

Amazing. But given that Obama’s stated goals were to punish the market “in the interest of fairness”, and to make energy rates “necessarily skyrocket”, it’s not surprising that the economy takes off when those hindrances are removed.

Trump carries his own umbrella and helps fetch their hats when they blow off.

Nice. The article particularly points out that Melania gets by with five staffers vs Michelle’s twenty four.

Obama’s DHS let in individuals it knew were MS-13.

El Salvador is panicking because so many gang members are returning back from the U.S.

Just funnel massive amounts of weapons to Al Qaeda associates, right?

Worse than useless.

Of course not. He was a Democrat so couldn’t be in the wrong.

The link lists a few examples, but I think those are minor compared to some of the things he did with, for instance, the Fast and Furious investigation.

By the numbers.

A white woman whom he broke up with because he thought that being married to someone white would ruin his political career.

And the media chose not to look into this during his career. Funny, that.

An interesting read. There are numerous issues I would be curious to see her take on that she didn’t bring up, as well.

The fact that there are so many issues that Obama was objectively worse on than Bush but the left didn’t care about is a large part of why I think their politics is religious belief in Democrats as good and Republicans as bad, and whatever the current Democrat in power says is the new doctrine they believe in, regardless of what it was yesterday.

Yup. That just happened. Although it could be a giant troll, of course.


Debt By President

It’s probably also worth doing a similar thing by party control of the branches of Congress, but still. Source.


Katrina happened, and Bush rushed to deal with it, and took a lot of heat for his failures.

Louisiana flooded, and Obama continued his vacation, and the media let him slide on it.

Georgia got hit with a snowstorm, and Obama did nothing. Trump became president shortly after, Georgia got hit with another storm, and Trump offered help.