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Yup. That just happened. Although it could be a giant troll, of course.


Debt By President

It’s probably also worth doing a similar thing by party control of the branches of Congress, but still. Source.


Katrina happened, and Bush rushed to deal with it, and took a lot of heat for his failures.

Louisiana flooded, and Obama continued his vacation, and the media let him slide on it.

Georgia got hit with a snowstorm, and Obama did nothing. Trump became president shortly after, Georgia got hit with another storm, and Trump offered help.

Despite a hold that Congress had placed on the money.

That other countries don’t have voter ID.

Obvious reasons why:

  • D.C. residents lean overwhelmingly left, so they weren’t as interested in seeing the inauguration.
  • lefties are violently protesting throughout various cities, especially D.C. This is causing a lot of increased police presence, and a lot of smart people are avoiding the cities


And only two had congressional approval for bombing.

So what exactly is it that the left is terrified Trump is going to do?

Cronyism of the highest order.

As he invites how many celebrities to his going away party…

And how many times did he use Air Force One to go on golf trips?


For once slashdot is leaning towards conservatives as the tech industry knows how ridiculous claims that exposing DNC corruption were hacks against us all.

Continuing to do all the things he wouldn’t do when he was worried about consequences.

Funny, that.

Which just confirms that all the dithering he did to never approve but never deny things was entirely what we all knew it was, posturing to pretend he wasn’t as against it as we knew he was.

But they’re fine when Obama did it.


Your Laugh For The Day

Obama just offered his financial advisor to Greece.