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This should be interesting.


The owner was an outspoken Christian.

How much do you want to bet it’s another Muslim and this gets no play in the media like the last Islamist who went around in the U.S. beheading people.

Crony Big Brother

Literally and figuratively.

Democrat Heroes:

Vote Fraud felons.

And doesn’t think it’s a big deal.


Can someone tell me how that sort of thing is even possible unless the media just controls that much of the narrative? Or are there just that many welfare queens?

Strip the budget. Just paying more clearly isn’t improving our schools.

Kevin Dewine. In concert with Mark Weaver.

Name them and shame them.

Gun ownership is higher than ever while murder rates are far lower than they’ve been in ages.

Obama, Jobs, Energy Prices

Here’s another 200,000 jobs lost and rise in energy expenses as the Obama administration delays shale oil drilling in Ohio. Hot on the heels of the Keystone delay’s job killing decision, too.

Why are unemployment rates so high? It’s a mystery.

The Unions in Ohio spent big, and managed to shut down the effort to make them pay for some of their own retirement and benefits.

That’s a real shame for the citizens of Ohio, except for the ones on union pay.

So, similar to Wisconsin, Ohio reformed the way it deals with some of it’s unions. You know, allowing merit pay for teachers and such, things that are hugely undermining of all of Democracy, or so I’ve heard. Even without the new laws fully implemented, school districts are already saving massive amounts of money and jobsand if the law gets repealed, it will cost residents something like $1200-$1500 each. It also allows Ohio residents the freedom to opt out of Obamacare – so it’s raised the ire of Democrats in that way as well. Democrats have in fact released the names of businesses supporting the reform, in an act of aggression.

Naturally, the unions are pulling out all the stops on this one. They’ve gotten the issue put back as a direct vote to the people, and millions are being poured into the state by big union names you’ll probably recognize, all trying to force big unionized government back down people’s throats.

This is actually one union battle where the newspapers have realized just how shady the political side they usually align with behaves.

And all that’s standing in the way is the Democrats and the rest of the left.

55 To 85%

That’s how much Obamacare will raise rates in Ohio.

Here in Massachusetts we’ve already had Romneycare at work to that end.

Amidst all the debt debate, look at what just happened in Ohio.

Wow, not spending more works! Who would have thought?

Good for them.

Nanny State Idiocy

His marker bled through the paper, so he was arrested.

Reason Saves Cleveland

There’s a whole series of worthwhile videos from Reason about the various problems Cleveland is facing, as well as what solutions have worked in other cities around the country. Is it any surprise that lifting government regulation and taxes, and privatizing services and assets are having such a good track record in places where they’re tried?

The key problems facing our country are all from our politicians. Lightening the burden of government is the solution to almost everything.

ACORN Driven Out Of Ohio

By Rico.