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As they still refuse to name the killer’s motives, and are trying to find other excuses.

He was a gay Muslim democrat who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and they tried to blame conservatives, Christians, and guns for the whole thing.


On The Orlando 911 Call

It’s old news, but I still want to mention it: After lecturing Americans that words weren’t important so he wasn’t going to call it “Radical Islam”, Obama’s FBI released the 911 transcript of the Orlando shooter with references to ISIS redacted and “Allah” translated to “god”. The DHS Islamic Advisor is still claiming that the attack was not Islamic, and Loretta Lynch claims the motive may never be known.

The Democrat Sit In:

They’ll keep at it until the GOP atones for a registered Democrat murdering a whole bunch of people in Orlando.

Guns, Islam, And Orlando

A firewall worth watching.