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Utterly ridiculous. Bring back tar and feathers for all public officials involved.


Certain parents are outraged because of “diaper-change” baby dolls that have plastic genitalia.

Ridiculous. Any doll-age child with an infant sibling will have seen their parents change their sibling and realize that humans have genitalia unless you’re keeping the child way too sheltered. And just like any other psychologically healthy human, a baby’s genitalia are not anything sexual.

Arresting parents for letting their 9-year-olds go to the park alone, or leaving their 11-year-olds in the car alone.

The goal of the nanny-state nannies is to criminalize anyone who’s not an overprotective helicopter parent like themselves. No wonder we’re raising a generation of precious snowflakes that can’t cope with the real world.

Ruben Diaz Jr.

Yeah, that doesn’t contain any smell of totalitarianism or thought control, does it?

This all comes from fear and ignorance, and people not really raising their children or paying attention to what’s going on.

Because she’s pretty much admitting she doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to actually parent.