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As they scream through an opening prayer and the pledge of allegiance.


Cool Olympic Moments

Simple: we’re a nation built on principles – not ethnicity or geography.

If you don’t believe those principles,

You’re at best a permanent resident who grew up here and behaves generally within the law. 

She makes a decent point.

Here’s his speech. It was pretty good. And no, of course Obama doesn’t love America: He grew up mentored by an anti-american communist, sat for 20 years listening to sermons by an anti-american Black Marxism pastor, constantly associates with people who hate the country, and he’s doing exactly what he would do if he was on the other side. Plus, there’s the whole “fundamental change” promise. When was the last time you promised to fundamentally change your spouse?

But all of that is obvious. The real reason this caused such an uproar is that not only is this statement so obviously true, but the media has backed Obama so thoroughly that they’re guilty by association, so they have to yell even louder to disclaim the situation.

Rudy Giuliani questioned whether or not Obama loves America, and of course the left is up in arms (and issuing death threats) about it. Leaving aside the question of the accuracy for the statement for a minute, I’m going to just briefly touch on the supposed rules of civility the left would have us follow. Somehow we’re not supposed to question Obama’s patriotism, even though by his own words the $9 Trillion Bush deficit (Obama’s is $18 Trillion, btw) was unpatriotic.

It’s pretty clear that when the left speaks about civility and what we’re not supposed to say, they only intend those rules to be imposed on their political opponents.

Democrat Patriotism

Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick prefers to fly the Mexican flag during her parade appearances.

But don’t question their patriotism.

The public had to fight to get the iconic flag photo included, because the museum curators thought it was too rah-rah American.

His twitter background is a fallen eagle.

Honestly, if he hated the U.S., what would he do differently?

Blue State Patriotism

Amherst, Massachusetts.

But don’t question the patriotism of the left.

But fraud and propaganda is encouraged.

Seeing an American flag sways voters to go more Republican.

That’s about as big a statement as you can find regarding the patriotism of Democrats’ positions.

At this point, as they openly do things that would have shocked the great Democrats they look up to of 50 years ago, it’s blatantly obvious: Liberals hate America, and American patriotism. And any expression of it is openly mocked and derided.

But pointing this fact out and “questioning their patriotism” is perhaps the quickest way to get attacked.

From Msnbc: dissent is now unpatriotic.

How are we supposed to keep this straight?

They’ll only fly the American flag once every 5 years on September 11th.

But remember, it’s offensive to question their patriotism.

This should give you some pause for thought.

The high school principle who sent home students and threatened them with suspension for wearing American flags on Cinco De Mayo has apologized.

There are still some race issues to work out at that high school, though.

It’s now borderline sedition, according to members of the media.

As she lets slip in the video. But I do think the Obamas don’t consider themselves proud Americans first and foremost.

Right out the window.