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No wonder Detroit is so broke: they’re only now considering a law to strip pensions from officials who commit felonies.


It’s not just the U.S. that has a pension bomb – many European countries have promised their public sector workers pensions in excess of 300% of GDP.

The leftist model utterly fails when it encounters math.

The Real Story Of Pension Theft

No, the so-far minor cuts in public pension plans isn’t theft – the bloat and endless inflation of those plans is the true story of theft: politicians currying favor with unions by guaranteeing payoffs of taxpayer money until the cities in question bankrupt themselves.

They came out of bankruptcy without actually solving their problems.


Rahm Emmanuel is considering doubling Chicago property taxes to fund the massive shortfall of money that’s been promised to Chicago workers for their pensions.

Either a massive wealth transfer will take place from Chicago’s citizens to fund the promised spending its politicians have made, or those promises will be broken. Nothing else is possible.

It was a function of mathematics.

Detroit is the Democrats’ America. Mathematically impossible promises to secure political control until the entire system crashes.

Unions. They turn everything into a pyramid scheme to pay themselves.

To continue the sweet deal it’s giving MBTA Union hacks.

And most of them claim that the only way to fix it is to increase taxes, not to lesson the spending.

Hmm, now which party’s policies do these states all seem to follow?

As you may have noticed, I’m digging through my links in an attempt to clean things up for the Feedly migration off Google Reader. Anyhow, here’s something else I never got around to posting about: Obama’s retirement caps. He thinks that people shouldn’t be allowed to hold retirement accounts of more than $3 Million. What he considers reasonable. But of course, not only is that once again falsely subscribing to the notion that government, and not people, own wealth, he’s not even using the right math to back up his claims. And of course the rules wouldn’t apply to his own account.

The First Of Many To Come?

One California city jumps off a sinking pension.

Underfunded by $31 Billion.

They signed extensive contracts with public unions, while spending like drunken sailors. Now they can barely afford even minimal public service for basic necessities like police and firefighting.

To please the unions.

They’re warning of cities across the state going bankrupt en masse. But I’m sure the liberal politics and leaders of the state have nothing to do with the current fiscal nightmare CA finds itself in.

Illustrated in Illinois with unions, pension reform, and Mike Madigan.

Now we have public email records that the reason the Delphi workers lost their pensions is because they weren’t unionized, and the Auto bailout was all about saving the UAW. Disgusting, and criminal – it’s at least perjury, if nothing else. This should reopen investigations, if it hasn’t already.

And Obama’s PACs are currently running ads about people who lost their jobs because of Bain Capital.

Pretty much anything.

In other words, they want more money, as always.

What blue state isn’t? And that’s why our country is in trouble.