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Violence and suppression of any political views they dislike.


Oh, and the cops ignored the reporting by the Trump supporters.

So of course Jill Stein and various other Democrats and media are reporting him as right wing, and Portland’s Democrat mayor thinks the Trump supporters need to have their free speech curtailed.

Also, Keith Ellison is blaming the current healthcare situation on this, utterly forgetful that the current healthcare situation is Obamacare, enacted by his party with zero Republican votes.

The Anti-Trump Astroturfing

Of course the Democrat party is helping plan the protests. And just like during the election, do you really think they’re not encouraging the violence they want to see here?

One which we’ve noticed before:

Republicans police their own fringes and marches, while Democrats at least encourage by silence the mob rule we saw at Berkeley.

Oh, and Scott Adams is ending his financial support of UC Berkeley. Here’s a hint that the left will ignore: You’re not “protesting fascism” when you’re dressed in all black, starting fires, and smashing things.

Police Let School Shooter Walk:

Because he was shooting a “white supremacist” supporter of Milo Yiannopolis…who was actually a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Good. For too long the political thuggery that’s been occurring with lefty demonstrations has been tolerantly accommodated.

That’s up to 10 years in prison and $25k fine, by the way.

Here it is, and I’m sure it’s not a full list. Did you know that another one of Trump’s offices was vandalized recently?

This sort of thing constantly happens, and yet the left constantly says their number one fear of the right is the rise of Fascism. Pure projection.

By beating a street preacher.

So in other words it was a literal case of one of those targeted hate maps that liberals claim Sarah Palin published but never did that they’re always publishing.

Liberal Humor:

Threatening political violence.

Oh wait, no – that was Henry Ford. So I guess we’re celebrating the amazing quality of education and product that they put out, and how they transform our societies? Hmm, probably not. So that must mean we’re celebrating the protection of pedophiles and drug use, political violence, voter intimidation, mafia ties, and vote fraud.


They think he’s a rat. What else? There’s no shame that their side was plotting the attacks, just anger that the attacks were stopped.

It wasn’t enough that they beat the cancer patient – they’re harassing him even as he seeks justice in court. Oh, and the jury pool is filled with union members.

It’s finally here! Aren’t you glad Democrats and union liberals are leading by example?

Let’s see, lefties are being arrested for bomb threats against Scott Walker and stalking Sarah Palin, armed, they’re trying to expel conservatives’ families from schools, and of course the attack rhetoric and death threats continue.

Finding Republican lawmakers, and then getting a group together and storming the restaurant they’re eating at.

The Showdown In Wisconsin

It’s become, almost literally, a pitched battle between the Unions and their Democrat flunkies/enablers, and the GOP and Tea Party.  The rest of the country is watching with baited breath, as many of us realize that unions and public entitlements are one of the leading factors in the trouble we’re in, and so we must either win the battle with the unions, or continue our decline to debt and socialism. For democrats who still religiously view socialism as a good thing, this battle is of course also paramount, which is why Obama can’t keep his mouth shut and in fact has been unable to stay out, and has in fact been helping organize the rallies against similar budget cuts around the country. The issue so dear to the unions they’re taking to the streets? The governor of Wisconsin wants them to contribute 5% of their salary to their retirement plans, and pay up to 12% of their health premiums. They also recently sued to make sure Viagra was covered by the plan.

Oh, and just so we’re all on the same page, these are the thugs we’re talking about when we mention the unions. There’s nothing democratic about them, as the WSJ points out. That’s right, all talk of civility is gone now from the left, as they issue death threats, and you see swastikas and crosshairs omnipresent, along with the usual double-speak and violence. But of course Napolitano doesn’t consider them nearly as threatening as the tea party. And as always, you can compare and contrast the different sides’ political rallies. One side threatens, trashes, and intimidates, one side does not.

Amidst all of this, the Democrat legislators of Wisconsin have fled the state – they know it’s against the rules to vote unless at least one of them is present, so they’re shirking their duty. In fact, State Troopers have been called to try and find any Dems who may still be in state and escort them back to the chambers. Tea Party members are meanwhile having fun confronting them out-of-state with cameras. Would you like to make a citizens’ arrest? Here’s a bit more, by the way, about the type of local that the Democrat Senators apparently like to hang out at.

Artists who expose the side of Che the left doesn’t want to hear mentioned get stonewalled.

Just hours after the Giffords shooting, while the media was on a witch hunt to try and pin the blame on the right, a Massachusetts liberal was arrested for threatening political violence on a Republican. And you never heard about it. The hypocrisy is palpable.

Socialist icon of the left Frances Piven calls for violent revolution, and Glenn Beck calls her on it, quoting her on the air. Who does the New York Times and the rest of the left see as the villain in this whole story? Glenn Beck, of course. They circled the wagons around Piven, and defended her views – so we know it’s not just that she’s one voice. They concur. Once again we have a clear example showing that the mainstream left in this country holds violent views, and will slanderously attack those who point it out. And you can also see organizations demonstrate their bias as they join the hate against Glenn Beck.

Meanwhile, commies are driving around in a bus to try and drum up support from the rest of the left in our country, anti-American, “anti-war” activists are doing their best to back someone who released state documents because they believe he is guilty, and another lefty activist slashed a man’s throat because he thought he was attacking a right wing politician. That’s right, political violence for the sake of political violence actually did just occur. But because it wasn’t a left-leaning target, you haven’t heard about it.