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Not a good sign if true.


Well of course. He usurped the political power they think they’re entitled to.

A good interview.

Observation Of The Day:

Many liberals seem far more perturbed by Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch than by anything Hillary has done.

That’s because they don’t mind the crimes their politicians have committed, only the inconvenience when they’re caught.

Every single lawyer hired by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice had an intensely leftist ideological background.

As they schedule another debate on Monday during prime time.

Democrats know their candidates are so bad that the best thing for them is to get all of their exposure via the media, rather than answering actual questions from the public.

CNN’s poll numbers are based on a “Republican” poll base that includes 35% non-Republicans. So the media is up to their usual games: they’re giving Trump constant airtime, skewing polls, and then claiming that he’s the only candidate getting any traction or attention. This also tells you, by the way, that he is exactly the candidate that the media wants Republicans to run – especially since he’s been so aligned with Democrats so much of his life – including his recent endorsements on his economic views from Paul Krugman and Elizabeth Warren.

They released a “de-Blasio” mode, that lets users in New York see what his laws would do to Uber’s services. They also promoted senior mobility services the day Hillary gave her anti-Uber speech.

Notice the trend: customers love Uber and Airbnb better than the services of the cartels they’re disrupting, and the people who work for Uber and Airbnb love that they can earn cash on the side. The people who hate sharing economy services are the cartels who are losing their controlled market, and the Democrats (who love the graft they get from the cartels). So, as always, there’s an innovative new market coming into play that lets people be more independent, and Democrats are trying to regulate it out of existence. Is it any mystery why our economy is in the dump?

100 Russian armored vehicles just crossed into East Ukraine.

How To Work Up A Leftist

Remind them that Nazism and authoritarianism are philosophies of the left, not the right.

His own words.

And now he claims the opposite.

Conservatives react to animal mutilation, while Liberals don’t seem to mind.


As a Feminist professor gets 3 years probation and 108 hours community service for assaulting pro-life students.

The Case For Israel

A powerful firewall from Bill Whittle. All this stuff has been said many times before, but cannot be repeated often enough.

MSNBC is paying Chelsea Clinton to stay off-air.

Lefty Outrage:

Their news and journolist-approved opinions being sullied with a gay conservative’s views.

It’s tolerance!

Because of the Koch brothers, somehow.

Revising History:

Common Core describes Abraham Lincoln as a Liberal.

In the classic sense, he was. But of course, that definition has been stolen from American parlance. And meanwhile, they’d also like to strip history textbooks of the fact that Democrats were responsible for the KKK, Jim Crow laws, school segregation, and the pro-slavery side of the civil war, and Republicans responsible for ending all of those.

Not only is Obamacare not required to notify people when their information is stolen, but democrats don’t want it to be.