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Compare and contrast.


About Obama’s Vacations:

Remember when he promised he wouldn’t take any? He was trying to promise he’d be a better president than Bush. On that topic, guess why Bush never left for vacation until after Christmas – something Obama never does (he always leaves beforehand)? Because Bush cared about his staff being home with their families for the holidays.

Damning. And President Obama ditched the quarantine restrictions that would be useful vs. Ebola.

Obama: Bush Lite

He’s done everything Bush did that he criticized, only late and poorly.

Then why do they have clear roots back to Bush’s presidency?

And they’re getting rid of K-Street, too.

Witness The Water-Carrying

Obama administration persecutes journalist – and the media blames Bush.

The New Civility:

Gawker publishes President Bush’s private email address.

That the media is pretty much quietly just admitting exist. “Bush Lied” is a favorite quote of the left, and I think they’re just saying it as an accepted “truth” even though their justifying reasons have completely disappeared.

My Pet Goat

Remember when the left harped on Bush’s 7 minute delay – and then finishing the story? Obama took 16 hours to decide to go after Bin Laden. And yet the media doesn’t seem to report the issue in quite the same way

That’s what the New Yorker and other liberals called them when Obama wasn’t president. Once upon a time, killing Osama didn’t matter to Pelosi, Obama and Biden were against waterboarding, Enhanced Interrogations, and secret prisons, and Bush’s prosecution of the war on terror was considered too harsh in general.

Now that there’s political opportunity that those policies have produced…

Simple: they’ve raided Gadhaffi’s caches.

Meanwhile, airstrikes continue, but so does the march for freedom.

Oh, and for all of the lefts’ constant talk about bush making us “not respected” and all that junk: guess which president the Libyan opposition is crying out for? President Bush. They know that he was the friend of those who love Democracy and freedom. Democrats just cozy up to thugs like Chavez and Zelaya.

Not less, as Obama claims.

They weren’t anti-war, they were anti-Republican.

When he’s trying to take credit for Bush era programs.

Obama And Iraq

I’m not going to say much, other than this: Obama gets no credit for anything. He fought tooth and nail against everything that gave us victory in the war (and yes, the war has been a success), including the surge, and himself admitted he would abandon the Iraqis to genocide. Even the withdrawal of troops he’s currently trying to take credit for is from the plan of his predecessor.

But don’t tell anyone.

What’s the connection? According to the media, none. But let’s see:

It’s a national disaster, and the Obama administration’s response was late (maybe criminally so), uninformed, and is being badly executed. Also, the administration is using it as yet another call for more regulation and more power seizure – despite the fact that they gave BP a pass on the existing regulations! The party that needs to be regulated here is government. Oh, and guess who’s received more money from BP than anyone else in the past 20 years? But only Republicans are to blame for connections with those evil oil companies, right? My point here is that Obama deserves as much, if not more blame for this than Bush received for Katrina.

As far as the subject of off-shore drilling: It’s still worth it. The BP oil spill is bad, but not nearly so much when you put some perspective on the issue.

The cause, by the way, was methane hydrates that proceeded to explode. Now that we know about the issue, we’ll design better.

I’m sure this is the defining abuse of power that the ACLU, media, anti-war left all will be up in arms about for the rest of Obama’s administration.

As for whether it’s wrong…if the Americans in question are overseas, on the battlefield hanging out with other terrorists…

Is anyone surprised that the Obama administration stops more FOIA requests than the Bush administration did?

Again. And got into all sorts of trouble. The hypocrisy is of course entirely missed by the left.