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Like Harvard.


Coin flips.

White males the biggest threat to Americans.

He’s a straight white male!

Wow, I didn’t realize Portland was such a bigoted place.

Why are all the conservative loudmouths Irish American?


Irishmen are now the face of the hard Right.

Imagine them saying that about any other political party and any other ethnic group, and how much heat they would take for it – or give to anyone else who said such a thing.

Antifa’s Definition Of Racism:

It’s racist when Westerners take offense to an Islamic businessman’s claim that Australian women need Muslim men to fertilize them.

It’s not just banning men from movie screenings. Remember in the 1950s when Republicans like Eisenhower forced southern Democrats to end school segregation?

Well, the left is back at it again, only using different terminology. Now private schools are demanding race-specific housing, hosting black-only graduations (that’s at Harvard, btw), encouraging black-only housing, or telling white professors to leave the campus for a day – and then harassing them when they do not.

And it’s all in the name of “progress”.

Take a listen.

Then view the reactions. The identity-politics-driven left is not willing to help the largest demographic in the country, even though they’re the only ones who’s life expectancy is headed in the wrong direction.

A white woman whom he broke up with because he thought that being married to someone white would ruin his political career.

And the media chose not to look into this during his career. Funny, that.

An illegal immigrant who calls for celebrating Cinco de Mayo by beating up white people.

SJWs can’t get over how awful it is that they included white women in an ad that also featured a black woman.

Under their own rules, that’s flat out racism.

Social Justice is all about collective guilt – in other words, being guilty of something just because you were born a certain race or gender.

It is my job to shut down other white people

Sick mind.

The Bigotry Of The Left

Celebrated as long as it’s against white people or males.

Double Standards On Race

Imagine the outrage if this was any other race than white.