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Oh, boo hoo.

Gee, it’s almost like they want us all to be subject to laws imposed by fiat and not through democracy.


It’s the most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of!

FDA Going After Cigars

Trying to kill all the fun.

Not so much. In fact, they’ve hardly risen in twenty years. Why? Because they let the market do it’s work. They’ve got strong property rights, lax zoning rules, and fairly easy to follow regulations, and as a result they’ve built more houses in 2014 than all of California.

It’s 28% what it would have been had regulations remained at 1949 levels.

That’s right: if regulations hadn’t grown the estimate for the size of our economy is $53.9 Trillion instead of $15.1. Think how many issues we currently have that wouldn’t be a problem if our economy had that kind of money.

Their best estimate is that they’ll┬áreduce food poisoning cases by 1%.

Well, they underestimated how massively expensive they were by a factor of 40. If you want to know why our economy is in the dump under the Obama administration, the $56 Billion in compliance costs the EPA just started sucking out of our economy is a perfect example of how business-unfriendly this administration is.

He couldn’t do it if our drug regulations weren’t so screwed up.

The law currently allows companies to get monopolies on the sale of off patent drugs that are generally recognized as safe if they’ll take care of the regulations and paperwork. But if the drugs are recognized that way, why is there so much paperwork and regulations?

They’ve rewritten the Clean Water Act from 88 to 2200 pages. And redefined “navigable waterways” to be any source of water within 100 feat of the normal high water mark, or within the 100-year floodplain and 1500 feet of the high water mark of an already regulated body of water.

She just wants us to spend money based on them, regardless of whether or not they’re true.

They just voted themselves 300 pages of regulatory power that they didn’t let anyone see beforehand over the internet,┬áto supposedly solve a problem that everyone admits hasn’t even happened. The push for internet control come directly from the top, from a president who once claimed that it’s irresponsible for the FCC to vote on regulations they haven’t made public.

A lot of people on the left are foolishly celebrating what they think will solve these imaginary problems with the internet. If the regulations had been developed with any sort of transparency, maybe there’s a chance there would be something worth celebrating.

I agree.

The EPA has shut down/is shutting down almost one quarter of the east coast power plants between now and next June.

And the grid is already stressed.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious, and yet entirely missed by most of the left – and even some on the right.

Under Obama, the EPA alone has increased their regulations by 38 Bibles’ worth of pages.

38 Bibles’ worth. Or 22 times the entire Harry Potter Series.

Gee, and it’s a wonder why the economy is slowing down?

The story of a businessman who can’t sell the beer his brewery produces at his own restaurants.

Lower regulations. They’re currently at ~$15,000 per U.S. household. More than health care, food, or transportation.

Unsurprisingly given the current economic climate, regulations are spiking under the Obama administration. Somehow I don’t think jobs are actually his top priority.

And discovers the libertarian perspective.

When you consider that the Obama administration collectively has almost no private-sector, for-profit experience, is it any wonder the economy’s been in the can for so many years?

And for no good reason.

The regulations say so.