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As they scream through an opening prayer and the pledge of allegiance.


First, the demagoguery is awful:

Second, the entire fervor being whipped up is entirely failing to understand important concepts in both liberty and tolerance:

I got into a bit of a theological debate with some Christian friends recently about how to take the bible as truth, and what’s amusing is that I’ve had nearly the same debate with Atheist friends – both sides making the exact same point, but the Christians to say that certain theories of modern science must be wrong, the Atheists to say that the bible must be wrong. In both cases, I think that my debaters are making what I perceive as a common mistake of misunderstanding truth, and especially “literal” truth. Continue reading

At least, in the northern, Liberal, “tolerant” states.

It all boils back down to politics as religion, the central premise of Liberal Fascism. Everything that’s the party line is religiously good, regardless of the sense of the policy, and everything that’s not is religiously evil.

The American Humanist Association would rather see children starve than allow communities work with churches to distribute aid.


I blame the multiculturalist viewpoint that western societies are taking. There’s some sort of twisted notion that because Christian culture is nominally in power in western societies, the oppression of Christian groups in the non-western world should be ignored.

Like if you’re an orthodox Jew and you hang a sign asking for a modest dress code. HATE CRIME!

The liberal definition of tolerance is that you must agree to their viewpoint.

Because it would offend Muslims.

Under God.

You can smoke if you’re Native American.

As he calls out one of his guests.

Good for him. Hopefully some people will listen.

Students who refuse face disciplinary action.

New Pope Chosen

And he doesn’t believe in communion for pro-abortion politicians.

I wonder if that will help mute the practice of politicians cloaking themselves in a religion they don’t follow simply for the popularity.

Christianity (for all the constant fretting of the left about it’s spread) is the most persecuted religion worldwide. Just over Christmas, Islamists in Nigeria gunned down a midnight mass and then torched the church.

And meanwhile, the Obama administration has abandoned Egypt, and especially the Coptic Christians of Egypt, to the Islamists.


Only Christians.

The Democrats And God

You may have already heard, but at the DNC, there was an infight between Democrats over whether to have language mentioning God in the party platform or not. The language unanimously didn’t feature God when it was created, but the politickers realized how that alienated them from so much of the electorate, and so shoved it back into the platform against their parties wishes – Democrats even steal elections from themselves. Now they’re trying to claim that it was a mere oversight not having it there, that Obama wanted it there and didn’t know it wasn’t, and that there wasn’t any discord over the issue. Illuminating.

And they claim that their party’s values are to reject denigration of religious beliefs.


The New Atheism

So, I’ve been watching a lot of TED talks and the like recently, and I’ve seen a remarkable trend. Some videos, especially these two are from atheist types doing a remarkable job of pointing out to their communities that even if you take a completely mundane, atheist view of history, faith, and all of that that there are values that the atheist community has shunned in their eagerness to reject religion. Religions, whether or not you believe they’re divinely inspired, have had huge historical and cultural influence on our societies, and have most definitely realized wisdoms about human nature.

While I am a believer, I don’t blame atheists or members of other religions for their positions, or feel offended by other viewpoints – I’m only offended by atheism when it’s insistent that it’s not a position of faith, and the frequent insistence that nothing good has ever come from the other religions. The fact that many other religions have contributed not only incredible art, but deep philosophical thoughts on morality and human fallibility is something that I’m always disappointed to see dismissed out of hand. Observing atheists realize that they’ve been too eager to throw out all previous religious thought in their attempts to dismiss all other religion is quite welcome.