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Put a former Bain Capital executive in charge.

Was absolutely everything the Obama campaign attacked Romney over just projection?

Well, Chrysler just did.

Get rid of the silly notion that Fort Hood was “workplace violence”, and award purple hearts to those injured.

Romney Vs Obama On Jobs

Obama’s latest proposal to fix the economy is simply to add more bureaucrats to the system. Meanwhile, Romney’s out campaigning with the person Obama had appointed as the head of his Jobs council – whom he hasn’t met with since January. Somehow I don’t think jobs were ever Obama’s “#1 priority”. Million dollar dinner parties at the taxpayer expense, and rounds of golf were.

Hmm…although the last time this happened (Bush and Kerry, I believe) it was a legitimate technical glitch, not attempted fraud.

Under different assumptions. Obama’s $5 Trillion statement is a lie, and Democrats know it.

The Time Count: Obama Got An Extra 9%

Unbiased moderators? And no, Obama didn’t call it terrorism in the Rose Garden. And CNN just issued a correction for her interruption.

Timothy Carney destroys an article that tries to claim that Romney would let lobbyists into a somehow pristine Obama White House.

The utter phoniness of them. Like the last one we had. Let’s see some real citizens ask real questions, like:

  • Mr. President: During the first two years of your presidency you had Democrat control of both bodies of Congress, and yet all of you spent an extra Trillion dollars a year, and couldn’t even pass a budget. Please explain those “net spending cuts” you promised during your last campaign.
  • Mr. President: Bush’s Operation Wide Receiver, after working with the Mexican government, concluded, with no fatalities, that gunrunning stings were too dangerous to pursue. Fast and Furious occurred on your watch, without collaboration with the Mexican government, and has killed some 200 people. Please explain your use of executive privilege to hide related documents from the Congressional investigation.
  • Governor Romney: Massachusetts health care premiums have risen faster than the rest of the nation’s. You’ve said you would repeal Obamacare, but what else would you do that would actually lower healthcare costs?

So Mitt Romney wants to cut his government subsidies, but Obama wants to raise his taxes.

And yet Democrats claim that only Republicans are trying to affect Sesame Street and PBS funding.

Fine then.

Let’s talk about the White House “freezing out” female staffers, and paying (along with senate Democrats) women less than men. Or hanging out with wife beaters. And then there’s how they treat female republicans.

Trying To Undo The Debate

ABC is hiding Romney’s opening remarks from the debate transcript.

Eventually they’ll probably try and hide the rest of the debate transcript, as well

Romney is receiving death threats on twitter.

With pictures of Big Bird crying, here’s a fact: The creator of Big Bird makes more money than Romney, and pays less in taxes.

And Democrats will fight to the death to keep even a relatively paltry, (and able to fund itself) program like public broadcasting from being cut. That’s why we’re screwed if we don’t get some seriously reform-minded Republicans in charge.

It wasn’t the high altitude Al Gore claims, it was the magic handkerchief!

It’s like a kkk shirt.
This is a democratic school.

I think it’s pretty evident where the real hate is, and it’s not the student.

But they were illegal, since he used senatorial funds to do so.

Can a PBS journalist really be a neutral moderator?

Funny. Kind of hard to do that when he had less speaking time than Obama did.