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Talk about trying to bury history. The Molotov-Von Ribbontrop pact puts a fair amount of the blame on WWII on the Russians…and they also are the ones who taught the Nazis how to construct concentration camps.


Causing an estimated $1 Billion of damage.

O’Keefe’s latest undercover work. Fantastic.

Drudge report has perfectly summed up the modern media.

It’s all made up. Former DNI Director James Clapper says there’s no evidence. Trump’s accountant has shown there’s no financial ties.

Among the Democrats who are pressing all of this:

What do they have? They have conspiracy theories. They have the testimony of a Hillary loyalist, Sally Yates, called out by name in Podesta’s emails. They have collusion between John Brennan and the Hillary campaign to manufacture this entire set of allegations.

According to a new book by Clinton insiders.

Well, it’s certainly what the media has wanted to focus on rather than the details of Democrat misbehavior that have been coming to light.

As inadvertently reported by the New York Times.


Showing his class.

Michael J. Totten On Aleppo

Whatever happens, it seems at this point that Iran has won. And ISIS is one of the few groups that’s not in Aleppo, by the way.

I’m sure glad Obama gave Putin all that extra flexibility after the second election.

Are they a matter of national security or not?

I guess Obama hit that reset button a bit too much.

To clear it of explosives.

Almost like he’s expecting a coup.

Good. Fracking is doing wonders for the geopolitical landscape.

To the surprise of no-one. The question is, will anyone make Russia do anything about it?

They’ve lost 2000 soldiers in a war they’re pretending doesn’t exist.

It sure sounds like we’ve reset things back to the cold war days. Over the weekend Russian fighter jets were probing our coastal defenses in Alaska and California. And this is part of a trend.

Remember when Obama claimed Romney wanted to bring our Foreign Policy back to the 1980s? The current situation is that we’re dismantling our nuclear arsenal while Putin is building his up and even threatening us with it, Russia is continuing to ship weapons and military to the Ukrainian border, and all of Russia’s neighbors who are supposed to be our allies don’t trust us to protect them so they’re arming themselves while pleading for increased NATO roles in the area. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is still sharing military technology with Russia, while they do so with Iran.

Smart Diplomacy!

How Russians Lost The War

A very worthwhile op-ed.

The triumph over the Nazis is too often used to cover the horrors of communism.

Russia has hacked the White House, and is operating several spy ships off our coast.

Actually, I’m a bit surprised spy ships still exist in the age of the internet. Apart from for the purpose of tapping undersea cables.