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An interview by John Stossel.


An academic essay that found that colonialism wasn’t 100% bad is facing pressure and opposition from professors who can’t allow it to disrupt their narrative. Pro-science indeed.

What the left really doesn’t want to remember about colonialism is that the moral impetus for the western nations to launch their colonialism agendas were the horrific excesses of slavery and tribal warfare that so much of the rest of the world had.

For the first time in decades. Fantastic.

Scientists just figured out how to transmute skin cells into heart and brain cells while bypassing the stem cells stage.

Most stem cell therapies that we’ve discovered we’re all using adult stem cells, not fetal stem cells, but the left needed further justification for abortion.

Very neat.

The Anti-Science Left:

People most likely to refuse vaccinations for their kids are the Prius-driving, organic food types.

But that’s because we’ve stopped testing for it and are therefore not detecting it.

Because they have their own racket going. Which is now being investigated.

The New Way To Scan For Virii

Find every virus that’s in a patient’s blood at once, 21 patients at a time.

Awesome. And I bet in a decade this will be on our cell phones.

By separating everyone into “climate change believers” vs “climate change deniers”, they’re avoiding all of the fundamental questions:┬áSome warming or a lot? Little deal or big deal? A little man-made or a lot man-made? Accelerating or decelerating?

But of course, avoiding those questions and vilifying anyone who brings them up is precisely the point.


Neat. The nicest aspect of it is that it will be super resistant to breaking, since it doesn’t wear down.


And just like that I suspect the alien species will stop being invasive.

Now a thing. Awesome.

Researchers find a gene that can delay Alzheimer’s by four years.

So light absorbing that you can’t see crumples and ridges on it’s surface.

Very innovative.

The drinkable book. Fantastic.

Excellent, that’s where it should be.

And last year, Kickstarter funded more arts and humanities work than government, as well.

The Party Of Science:

Republicans. I suspect that’s because Democrats work so hard to lock up the low-information voter demographic.