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Here’s one reason.

But also there’s the fact that we’re now finding out she was involved with the IRS targeting.


With a blatant lie about geography.

And of course ABC, George Stephanopoulos, and Huffington Post all refuse to apologize.

Rigged. As always when you have a MSM figure running it. Republicans should demand debates that are unmoderated, or moderated by, for example, a trio of moderators following baseball arbitration rules: each side chooses one moderator, and the two moderators choose the third.

Good. And if we didn’t have a hack like Coakley as AG, Warren would be facing criminal charges, as well.

The Globe is describing it as “both candidates did well”. Meanwhile, Warren decided to double down on her Native American claims, and again try and hide her real history.

The Warren campaign tried to demand that Scott Brown release more tax returns, even though he’s already released two more years than she has.

Democrats are still getting away with a lot of junk that they shouldn’t, but not nearly as much this election. Good. And they’ll whine and cry that it’s not fair that standards actually apply to them when they’ve gotten away with it before.

We knew Obama’s statement was in the same vein as Elizabeth Warren’s, but this ad really ties everything together. The past several elections and this one have not been about mere political spending, but fundamentally different world views.

Elizabeth Warren asked to debate Scott Brown at a “neutral” venue of the Kennedy center, sponsored by Vicki Kennedy and hosted by Tom Brokaw. Scott Brown’s campaign said if Democrats were going to even try to pretend that was neutral then he would at least want a promise that Vicki Kennedy wasn’t going to endorse Elizabeth Warren, and that NBC wasn’t going to allow political ads. But Democrats couldn’t even promise that much.

So let’s see, we already know that she earns more and owns more than Scott Brown, declines to pay higher taxes, takes more money from Wall Street than he does, and she got her start helping deny asbestos claims.

And now we’re learning that she’s got interest free loans from Harvard?

Right…only in Massachusetts would this argument fly…

It drives MA liberals nuts. Not that that’s difficult.

Go Scott!

He’s up 9 points over Liz Warren, hypocrite and insurance company champion.

Scott Brown highlights a particular bit of government corruption.

He’s in the reserve, and he’d like to spend his time there.

Note that he’s in JAG, so he’s not front line.

Bill Delahunt is looking weak. Especially with that link to the UAH killer.

Well, besides all of the procedural violations Democrats were racking up, there was one very important vote. And that’s why the Labor Unions are so pissed that he’s finally in office.

Something else to keep in mind next time you hear anyone claim that Unions look out for the little guy.

So, Did He Comply?

Paul Kirk should have been out a while ago. Is he still holding on to the interim seat?

But Scott Brown is putting an end to that tomorrow. The way the Democrats have been violating rules and procedures left and right really makes you feel good about the state of the Democracy, doesn’t it?

Bring it up anytime anyone mentions them:

  1. The GOP is just a regional, southern party
  2. There’s been political realignment
  3. Health Care Reform is a winning issue for Democrats
  4. Conservatives (such as Limbaugh or Palin) want to drive Moderates from the party
  5. Barack Obama’s charisma can carry Democrats to victory.

The big one to me is #4. Living in Massachusetts I hear again and again how radical Palin or other conservative (you pick) names supposedly are.

Let’s see, they blame Massachusetts voters as sexist and racist, once again they were too nice and the Conservatives were despicable, they make up drunken sexual fantasies, they bury the news and suppress the outcome. ‘The “Taliban” wing of the GOP is awakened’.

This is what they think of you, America. Whenever you don’t conform to the politics and ideas that they think they know so much better than you, you get a glimpse of the utter loathing they have for your ideals.

As Instapundit points out, it’s not bias when they’re aware of what they’re doing. It’s deliberate lying.