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Maybe, just maybe, the people who hated the Ghostbusters remake hated it because it was a bad movie, and they don’t have anything against women?


It’s not just Worldcon, and it’s not just conservatives being banned.

She committed the thought crime of standing up for due process.

They’re intentionally destroying the meaning of words to try and force their political agenda.

Veganism is against the trans community.

Because the language used in the sixties doesn’t meet today’s strict political correctness guidelines.

Hah. Good for her.

It’s made up. 89% of colleges reported 0 on-campus rapes in 2015.

It’s almost like they have a double set of standards, isn’t it?

Describing breastfeeding as natural is transphobic because it reinforces gender roles.

More brilliance from the social justice community.

The latest in SJW thought leadership. You’re only allowed to have a preference in the gender that someone says they are, you bigot.

SJWs can’t get over how awful it is that they included white women in an ad that also featured a black woman.

It turns out he wrote a letter on the subject.

SJWs Now Fat Shaming?

You can’t make them happy.

Tracking SJWs

A compiled list of self-identified SJWs who have publicly called for the firing, shunning or other attacks against those who disagree with their narrative.


Something tells me they don’t get upset when minorities uses French cooking techniques.

Wow, that’s pretty racist, actually.

Twitter’s Censorship Problem

They started by un-verifying, shadowbanning, and outright banning various conservatives, and now they’ve moved on to doing the same to Hillary critics, even those on the left. Actual criminals get none of this treatment.

They’re also deleting tweets on behalf of Bank of America. They’ve fully embraced the SJW agenda, even to the point of causing white board members to quit, but of course they’re still trying to claim that they’re for free speech – but the people they’ve put in charge of all of this are some the most outspoken feminists.

All of this is backfiring, and their stock price is tanking. Conservatives are leaving Twitter in droves, and there’s a corresponding loss in share price.

A tequila-themed birthday party where some people wore tiny sombreros.